Human-readable paper tape punch program

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Martin Eberhard

Mar 15, 2020, 5:45:55 PM3/15/20
I've created a PDP-8 program that lets you punch human-readable text on paper tape. It has 2 fonts that pretty closely match the 2 fonts I've found at the beginning of Digital's paper tapes. Font 1 is 8 channels high, while Font 2 is 5 high, and stays below the sprocket holes on the tape. This program will let you mix the 2 fonts if you like. (Some Digital tapes I've seen have one font for the tape's part number, and the other font for the Digital copyright message.)

You can punch either on the console TTY's punch or on a high-speed punch.

It's pretty self-explanatory when it is running on your PDP-8. Load it with a BIN loader, then run it at 0200. You can delete typed characters with the RUBOUT TTY key.

Find PUNTXT here:

Have fun,
Martin E.

Martin Eberhard

Mar 16, 2020, 5:42:19 PM3/16/20

Here is a tiny URL for that directory, in case your editor is busting up that long one:
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