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PDP-8/E Simulator 2.3 for the Apple Macintosh

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Bernhard Baehr

Jun 6, 2021, 2:32:40 PM6/6/21
Today I have released the final version 2.3 of the PDP-8/E Simulator. These are the most important improvements compared to the 2.3 beta version:

* The PDP-8/E Simulator now runs natively on Macs with Apple silicon
* The KC8-EA and TC08 lights no longer flicker so much, they now glow more like real bulbs
* Nicer TC08 indicator panel (thanks to Volker Herrmann for the picture)
* Improved timing for the TU55 drives lets the DECtape formatter DEC-08-EUFB-PB run more reliably on fast Macs and speeds up the DECtape in normal operation
* Improved simulation of the memory address for the KC8-EA esp. to better indicate extended memory access
* Some minor adjustments for the macOS 11 SDK, esp. the CPU window now has a unified toolbar that can’t be hidden
* The Memory Content plug-in now avoids high CPU load with macOS 11 “Big Sur” by setting a proper layer content format
* A deadlock was fixed that occured when single stepping TC08 instructions
* Finally the PDP-8/E Simulator now is signed and notarized by Apple

At you find all information about the simulator, and there you can download it.

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