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2.11BSD patch #474: J11 hack 29th anniversary patch

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Walter F.J. Müller

Aug 23, 2022, 2:42:36 PM8/23/22
Steven released a new patch #474, it is available at
the other mirrors will follow soon.

This patch is probably the smallest ever made, exactly 2 bits changed in the
source code if you ignore comment changes. And in the compiled kernel also
only two bits are changed. The patch is a follow-up of patch #150, see
which was issued on August 23rd, 1993. So final touches come now, to the
day, 29 years later. Probably another record.

And what is it about: get the stack extension logic right on J11-based systems.
The full story is in #474 and #150. It came up as part of the 'MMR1 mysteries'
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