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CTS-300 - DIBOL for RT-11 V5.x - Is it lost forever?

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Mar 5, 2023, 7:16:50 AM3/5/23
Hi all and thanks for reading...
I am desperately trying to locate a CTS-300 distribution (V8.3?) so I can get DIBOL up and running on my restrored 11/23 based system.. But while I can find RT-11 V5.7 and earlier, CTS-300 is no where to be found...

There are part downloads and a RSTS version, but sadly these do not help..

Does anyone know of a source where it could be found please?

Background: I used to work on PDP-11 systems in the 80s and have restored my 11/23, I still have some source code from the 1980s and would like to get it running again...
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