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Re: Kim Davis Loses In Court, Yet Again

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Sep 30, 2022, 2:47:15 PM9/30/22
On 9/30/2022 11:42 AM, #ReamMeUpTheAssSnotty, brain-damaged fucktard who rode
his scooter into a tree while not wearing a helmet, stupidly bawled and lied:

> On 9/30/22 12:01 PM, Lee wrote:
>> Anti-Gay Marriage Former
>> County Clerk Kim Davis
>> Loses Bid for Qualified
>> Immunity in Lawsuit
>> Brought by Same-Sex
>> Couples, Again
>> Sep 29th, 2022
>> Kim Davis, the former county
>> clerk from Kentucky who
>> refused to grant marriage
>> licenses to same-sex couples
>> after marriage equality was
>> the law of the land, does not
> Except that there was no STATE law forcing her to "grant" marriage licenses to
> gay marriages...

Her job included a *duty* to issue marriage licenses, and both state and federal
law forbade discriminating against people on the basis of various criteria, one
of which is sexual orientation. She broke the law. Now she must pay.

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