Ft.Myers - The American Spirit On Display - Joes Lead Effort to Help Joes

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Sep 30, 2022, 11:22:48 PM9/30/22
On various networks over the past couple of days, I've
seen the American Spirit in action in disaster-struck

Armys of skiffs, airboats and 'monster' trucks penetrating
into the vast neighborhoods that are still giant lakes,
rescuing the trapped and injured and delivering them to
high ground where conventional rescue can pick them up.

There was one particularly impressive shot ... a man
clearly in his 60s scoops another, rather heavy, man
about the same age with a hurt leg out of a boat and
CARRIES him up and out to a rescue vehicle. The strain
was obvious ... but he DID it, and did things like that
all day long.

The real rescue force around Ft. Myers isn't the local,
state or federal forces - it's the Joe Citizens helping
other Joe Citizens. Pluck them off roofs, from flooded
homes, from the wreckage of houses and mobile homes and
get them up and out.

The local hospitals, alas, are trashed. In Punta Gorda
(where Cantori was reporting from) sections of the
hospital roof imploded, flooding the emergency and
intensive-care wards. Survivors need to be found FAST
before infection from wounds or consequences of no
meds can set in and delivered to those who can take
them to hospitals well outside ground zero.

This is the MAGA thing, old-school patriotism and duty.
This is what made America great.

And what Joe and friends are eager to destroy.

DeSantis today reminded would-be looters/rapists/killers
that Florida was indeed a 2nd-Amendment state and the
working rule was "You Loot - We Shoot". The state WILL
have the backs of people who need to defend themselves.
The local sheriffs concur. No BS. No slack for the
baddies. In a mess that size, the cops can't be
everywhere all the time - you and your neighbors have
to watch your mutual asses. The State has your backs.

Similar mess in California or NYC ... kiss your
asses goodbye - the Bad People will slaughter you
and the State will back THEM.

Elections are soon. Choose wisely.
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