When The Levee Breaks ???

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Oct 1, 2022, 9:57:40 AMOct 1
There have been conflicting reports that a levee
broke along the Myakka river just to the north
of ground zero for hurricane Ian. The latest
"official" report is that the levee remains
intact, but communications are fer-shit all
through that area so it is best to consider
the issue "unconfirmed" for the moment.

IF that levee has broken, people in the the north
part of ground zero might expect ten feet of
additional water to appear.

But, for SOME reason, a large segment of I-75
being used as a primary evac staging area and
exit route suddenly went underwater.

The extreme winds likely DID push a lot of water
inland, plus there WAS 20+ inches of rain there
and to the northeast. It is possible we're just
looking at all of that now making its way back
to the coast.
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