Poems: 040921 - September 4th, 2021

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Robert Morpheal

Sep 4, 2021, 3:36:15 AM9/4/21

Scant remains
pertaining to anyone
hints impossible
once it seemed
entirely the possible.

The heart
isn't in it
making it clockwork
hated obsessions
with tick tock time.

One or the other
species of betrayals
made all too clear
far too late
to step aside.

Get the low down
run down
been run over
and declared guilty
for have a feeling.

Anything can
and usually does
end at gone
in a heartbeat
never coming back.

What stuck to you
isn't what you want
but can't get any
to come off
from what goes on.

Been thrown
down into it
where you can't
really get out
from being under.

Ground level
to falling fast
past the cut off
lines of attrition
then dream on.

False circulations
fake connections
everything consumed
everything denied
made lonelier.

Ante up social
brought no wins
and miss the gone
left not a hope
for what wasn't.

Been that way
best of worse
worst of best
there is a down
but no real up.



Someone's spice box
turns out common
chemistry experiments
in the grunge
back roomer
districts long sketch
knowing expired token
redemptions of nothing.

Scorched earth
grit screams
neural brakes grip
monkey minds
drag limbs
scrape the gone off
from tied shine
rust rails.

No one travels
this way anymore
piled black bags
street side luggage
says leaving
for some other
similar condition
of don't know.

Places imagined
might have been
fate's parallel lines
long torn down
folded up reasons
turned full spreads
forever crowd
of the not living.

Death rattle
loose machines
misery serenades
lost causes
luckless gravel
throat stones
drop scatter
the once rock solid.

A rock candy
shatter total
break up
sticky lick it
sugar drop crack
black booted
metal stud
and chain gang.



It all came
the saddest way
space kept
as near to sacred
as emptiness
being defiled
with ordinary
sorted objections.

Objects arranged
to be broken
target hits
scored between
caved in eyes
kills thought
in an old war
of again, again.

No one asked
about wishes
reasoned sway
grants of any
actual being
permitted vicinity
at any gate
never opens.

Fences mended
topped countless
razor wire cuts
blink eyes swarm
shock watch
the new lands
defining boundaries
and exiles.

Difficult imagine
we once dreamt
reading about
to each other
before dreaming
became silenced
no longer listed
permitted subjects.

Any cat alley
gets the tongue
scraps of chorus
scarred up
freedom cuts
tooth and claw
to every saying
gone misunderstood.

Cryptic warnings
hit and run
scrawled hasty
stray walls
unheeded loner
crash came long
down sky organ
stretched pipes.

Plays heaven
hidden speakers
tell tale secret
catchy billboards
paste up tuned
trying to tell you
which no way.

Wind scalds
expanded void
littered blank
looking attitudes
trading nothings
with wired
giving thanks
for suggestion.

Public outbursts
feign conscious
chatter blocked
corner sits
looking pass time
not to remember
any moment
getting hit.

Take the doughnut
holes and go
doing whatever
was intended
with the emptiness
won't hold in
anything filling.

Trying to avoid
old faces
wanting talk
out of any
get away
plans and any
you could want
things happening.

Spend what's left
and call it
“a lifetime”
gambling small
timed out stakes
never winning
and never know
the right games.

Seemed more
than love within
and hate outside
boils black burst
mind brim boils
topped soup
burner glow
sounds hot lies.

That was illusion
this is today
being no different
as to parts
ending crushed
at take away
regions of empty
threatens it all.



Was looking for a truce
a final armistice
a negotiated deal
but it is never that way
and the war goes on.

My outpost here
past every lands end
a failing watch tower
of nothing but solitaire
among the amusements.

Did not want to fight you
and wanted to get out
from under common lies
leaving ordinary cheats
prodding deceptions.

Have no more idea
what interests you
knowing nothing
that interests me
ever interests you.

Tried a bit of everything
then tried a little more
it does not matter
cause you put blame
on any such source.

If it was someone else
it might have been
seen as something
somewhat and interesting
somewhat and beautiful.

Whatever it is
I know you won't
ever really enjoy it
once you know
it comes from me.

Belief is a crock
some still fall into
seeking reward points
hoping for prizes
at secret prize draws.

Once had dreams
but none of them mine
due to requirements
for having someone
from the other side.

Nothing comes through
those downed lines
the operator
a skeleton figure
turns key to no door.

It turns numb
lost touch
worn out feelings
that must be kept
safe to yourself.

The only ones
say anything
always the same
no need to hear from
being their target.



Gone to those places
seemed calling
and on the return
counted up the loss.

I feel I lost you
without a chance
to really know who
and what you are.

Completely bored
with whatever it was
I had conjured up
in any of my mirrors.

It was not my choice
to exist that way
giving the pain of it
as offerings of thanks.

An ugly magic
at its very best
made into a wall
I could never smash.

Getting through
the somehow category
deemed fit for use
but nothing else.

They have shattered
anything I wanted to be
into reflecting shards
having no real meaning.

Edges of everything
always razor sharp
so all that it becomes
is the cuts they make.



Someone keeps saying
savings account
is too small, too small
and it is never enough
to really add up
to ever being saved.

You won't be saved
they keep threatening
debasing cash out values
to what you can get
after made worthless
in today's markets.

You are still too little
to buy your way in
to buy your way out
but you will never grow
having been stunted
in development.

Development office
of technological change
slowly gnaws away
everything you had
accumulated within you.

The formula changed
to something toxic
until you choked on it
starved to unable
any further continuity
with the program.

It all costs money
that you never had
and every time
they always hurt you
while you struggled
with costs gone up.

Change your plans
to something different
but you were used up
to every last option
you ever thought
you were able to suffer.

Happiness is a dream
that you wait for
getting scheduled
to your personal network
so you can all watch
what you are missing.



Nothing to show
and nothing to tell.

Keep it in a vault
buried in yourself.

Put it all down
out of a cruel light.

More private reasons
for a secret cry.

You won't really hear
anything from me.

You never listened
to anything I said.

The dead silence
is deafening me.



You could fall for someone
stroking your famished ego
being a make believe lover

You could believe that lover
being the one that is different
if that really satisfies you.

You could find that one person
who does not really matter
from among everyone else.

Believing that is your prize
catch award for effort
though it isn't anything.

You will surely hate me
for not ever falling
for the same old trick.

I know it isn't really love
and you cannot call it service
but only another raw deal.

I made something for you
then I gave it to you
but you never even looked.

You were anyone
and you were no one to me
but I made it very special.

Now it isn't anyone special
who is hurting me that much
but it is only the many.


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