Poems: 261221 - December 26th, 2021

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Robert Morpheal

Dec 26, 2021, 1:48:01 PM12/26/21

This new day
feels as if another
not right
only sort of day
timed out
out of sorts
sorted out
and time spent
sort of ill
and at ease
ill at ease
the disease
checking it out
on a calendar
seeking clues
as to what it is.

The nothing
that is always
for something
caught up
in between
being and not
being whatever
and no longer
really cared
that it did not
not want
made to want
failed to be
and whatever.

Those habits
of filling in
expanded emptiness
with nothing
or special
and left out
pulling strands
of stranded
step stepping
the stones
all slip slide out
to nowhere
makes its splash
in a random wash
of histories.



The love machine
is wiping out
all the love
in the world.

Love is the impossible
of your being loved
by anyone you love
and then turn it around.

Whichever way
and inside out
going backwards
and forwards.

It never comes
from where it goes
amid rumours.

Unfounded drivel
filling in
casual conversation
small talk obsessions.

First you are
the exterminator
then you are
the mouse.

This way
then that way
until it is worn out
in agitation.

That mechanical cat
already dead
when it leapt in
to the microwaves.

Bits of death
trickled down
from a burst of door
onto a kitchen floor.

Marks out spaces
where people stood
during another party
that disintegrated.

It made certain
no one went home
with anyone
they didn't arrive with.

It is about nothing
other than learning
how to dislike
all the ways of love.



Always the time
of left
and for dead
social battlefields.

Survey carnage
break of dawn
after the clear out
gone rats' nest.

Take your things
and go
mining the heap
of dumped.

We are junk
to recollections
turned bone toss.

in memorium
collects hard fact
good byes.

Such a large part
of the human brain
is a cemetery
dotted with monuments.

Old habits
derived from graded
sorted out
then score carded.

High school kids
drifting an old age
channel hop
between reruns.

Proverbial trains
on schedule
instant replay
is an endless same.

Protests of youth
long ago silenced
knowing recourse
is more loss.

The useful card
that was dealt
was Ace of Spades
so keep it close.

Sometimes the only
actual bargaining chip
but lucky
if you have others.

Drop of a hat
something else falls
each tensed
ambitious moment.

People were the same
in great granddad's day
but the weapons
have all improved.



Do remember what
it was and like to
feeling up happy
memories vague
uncertainty eats
away tasselled edges.

Frayed frail
happenstance repeats
prescribed stories
serving to deny
owned insignificance
to any larger public.

Do and not know
what about and there
arguments mounted
up the last trail
thousand years
debated interpretations.

Sleeping it off
dead lands of lost
dreams none of them
really mine and only
borrowed from
other sleepers.

Those fingers
too cold
for retention hopes
at the reach out
far as you are
gone from me.

Knowing nothing
concerning any
pertinent lives
given pretension
to being one
and of the living.

That ended
long ago
leftovers to ghosts
played out games
using decaying bits
that are wannabe.

Convincing and not
identifiable with others
the inevitable steady
rise silent
not a thing in common
at wins or losses.

No longer out
chasing stray
tendencies in passage
realized converse
other subjects
confirmed disinterest.

The latest trend
in appropriate responses
a chewing gum
comprised of vague
jaw motions
that prove threatening.

No longer
feeling in the mood
for too polite
intrusive strangers
and not want any
of that really know.

Taking turns
being one of those
other side of similar
intercessions into frequent
demands too much
and feign of generosity.

Screams night air
exhausted rage
at the never
and rushed to slow
paced disasters.



Those readers
intentional listeners
target shot
and don't be afraid
shooting them
with short bursts
of quick language.

You have them
against walls
and want to hold
some to attention
repeatedly shocking
with strokes of detail
against exposed secrets.

There is the whip
leaves nothing visible
as to any marks
needing further revision
across careful pleats
of that folded skin
bathroom shelved.

Today's audience
unwilling to drift out
to becalmed boats
and languish reveries
you machine gun them
with short burst
staccato paralysis.

They cannot
pull out and away
from those obsessions
at the push pull
wrap up surprises
tantalized as they are
by gift boxes.

Don't let them
wriggle out
trap-pity trap
until the last page
making them
crave more of more
than ever gets.

A cruel game
always to remember
ten or more paged
Victorian novelettes
vanish as seconds
quick edit duels
for silver screens.



It does not matter
but it is useful
so it goes like that
while trying to unravel
the whole universe.

That rabbit hole
continues to evade
and the Red Queen
has messed with
the mirror.

Clouded visions
crazing a glaze
surface morning
spit and try to rub
away the glassy eye.

It was once
but it isn't any more
and you can't stay
on any track
that they destroyed.

An army of cards
having passed through
your peripheral gaze
crossed all the lines
of a grim sight.

Leaving the scene
with memories
as to those left behind
presumably counting
the casualties.

There are cards
and unanswered letters
strewn about
across a battlefield
where the band played.

A banging on drums
in the distance
becomes hooves
on ancient pavements
all galloping away.

Clamour of metal
striking metal
sounding same
old notes of a world
that are played out.

A search party
had been sent
finding nothing
before melting
in a drenching rain.

No trace located
in any newspapers
indicating existence
and museum artifacts
all relabelled.

Eyes eventually learn
there is no point
to looking
at so many ghosts
of no one nearer.

Moments of attraction
flicker dark
endlessness forgetting
failures of imagination
gone a bit too far.

One grows weary
flipping pages
thick catalogues
containing everything
that is unobtainable.

Make a wish list
including every wish
that never comes true
if only for the sake
of accurate records.



We never met
in the midst
of anyone's conversation
between any mention
that stirred
vague traces of desire
from frigid embers.

Creeping passage
days that die out
in that usual manner
turned sudden ends
made by birds' feet
prints trailed
across damaged snow.

There is no knowing
who made those
varying arrangements
where we appear
as misplaced sounds
threatening an orchestra
with its chaos.

Another vast mess
comprised of notes
mixed with feelings
proving so expensive
a jostling for positions
doing solos
that break it all up.


Amathyzt Aaron

Jan 8, 2022, 5:38:34 PMJan 8
touches of cold steel
> is wiping out
Ideas so unsurreal
> all the love
Finally mounted within
> in the world.
Frosted sleeping
> Love is the impossible
Just a high never felt
> of your being loved
Stealing the time for it
> by anyone you love
Could love should love
> and then turn it around.
Had haphazarded a love

> Whichever way
Trembled a dimpled
> and inside out
Lacking pustuling pimples
> going backwardsrayned
Assward reighned upward
> and forwards.
> It never comes
But always. does
> from where it goes
Inward throws
> misplaced
> amid rumours.
Lightly touches

> Unfounded drivel
And swiveled
> filling in
With the sin
> casual conversation
Intemate elations
> small talk obsessions.
Repeated blessings

> First you are
Just a shade of
> the exterminator
Should not be made of
> then you are
With quaint bizarre
> the mouse.
Solid in house
> This way
Hues of due men
> then that way
Morphs a rue men
> until it is worn out
The blocking muse men
> in agitation.
Specific sensation
> That mechanical cat
Fat and rolly polley
> already dead
Or alive
> when it leapt in
Simple boxes
> to the microwaves.
That have no matter
> Bits of death
Play like a tomb
> trickled down
Pooled and removed
> from a burst of door
Open to wall
> onto a kitchen floor.
Tiled figures of war
> Marks out spaces
Attacking in places
> where people stood
For ages of ages
> during another party
Always a party
> that disintegrated.
As tufts of red smoke
> It made certain
There can be no doubt
> no one went home
Elsewise it was tragic
> with anyone
Just like one
> they didn't arrive with.
And couldn't be sighted
> It is about nothing
Or even less than that
> other than learning
To forget no meaning
> how to dislike
Oppositions unlike
> all the ways of love.
Beloved all that matters
It's been forever and maybe a day
But I had to get past it or learn to behave
Finally I have been freed yesterday
Of my stupidity repeated replacing
I saw her brightly, the momment
Of masses I have forgotten to name
For so long for so lame I had no amatus
I rotted in brain can not remember her address
Caught PC at greasy male I don't know
Exactly the letter of just so simpleton
Person is so sad yet at last I am back
As a work in progress
I am so stupid to forget things
So many dreams of dreams
Of pieces of death



Jan 8, 2022, 5:50:00 PMJan 8


Jan 10, 2022, 11:27:14 AMJan 10
Now I remember, 2 days and I
will contact you properly once I reset
pw. LolA
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