Poems: 140422 - April 14th, 2022

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Robert Morpheal

Apr 14, 2022, 5:23:43 PMApr 14

Dinosaur cloud
drifts across
a bird drench
robin's egg sky.

We are survivors
from mass destruction
having been winterized.

Brushed past
the warm gone cold
carrying too early
and too late lies.

Sudden rush
threatens another
broken off
failed at the bend.

We had yielded
and given way
never enough
to satisfy anyone.

There are promises
that avoid leaving
and fossils adrift
in our stratosphere.

Ballooned thoughts
the apparent rising
above cartoon images
implicit with desires.

Tumbled nests
and fracture shells
broken whites
turn fallen eyes.

Balloon burst
shock and awe
random encounters
with any enemy.

Pop go dreams
into ragged tumbles
turned refugee flights
from cruel lovers.



Bang bang
clay pigeons
on the lam
broken up
flock of pieces.

Chocolate rabbits
implode down
rabbit holes
done ear nibble
candy eyed stares.

When young
we really believed
in evading gun shots
same as Superman
quicksilver in motion.

Slip through
spaced between
shots fired
at our get aways.

The invincibles
crowned by moms
the breakfast lords
being served
hand and foot.

Spoiled kings
of imaginary lands
with invisible subjects
whispering fantasies
into stale classrooms.

Hallways smelled
vomit and chemistry
swept away green
as the keep off
precious lawn signs.

Leprechauns danced
amid rain birds
searching shamrock
edged playgrounds
amid asphalt blarney.

Some already knew
which were lucky
and which were not
when spitting
into the green wind.



Cookie cutter
half baked
taste of dough
tongue tipped.

Icing sugar snow
clutching momentary
frozen tales
powder puffed
pale winter skin.

You look away
from all the death
I have become
not even leafing through
my collected tragedies.

No one really would
want to lick at
the drip pans
beneath the engines
of tawdry histories.

It was ended
a long time ago
fallen through
between grade schools
and abandon.

All that lingers
in false hope
turned over cynical
and everyone wanted
more than one could give.

They all got theirs
pieces of action
and I was covered
with fallen feathers
from dead birds.



Anything interesting
rolled over round
and made forbidden
long trails marked
habits of boredom.

So much linger
unable to reconcile
profit and cost available
selections at identical
random formed madness.

Mazed paths
created by people
sought to evade various
collection agents
spirits of repo men.

If anyone liked it
it was yesterday
there being nothing
up for tomorrow
but wilted stems.

Dried out tubes
for shooting stars
rushed through
left trailing sensations
into perpetual loss.

Flowering was cut
down in youth
left to being used
for something seedy
then spat out.

That worn out wad
was thin chew
until absorbent
fragile knots
tied tight entrails.

No one near enough
to hear the scream
follows a string
into tin can forever
leaving marks on walls.

Waving goodbyes
in wind swept
dust hits watery
eye blurs blink
each forever defeat.

A flood of time
bringing same
trash canned round
vomit fragments
of lost childhoods.

Flashed semaphore
mislead signals
rake dead hulls
sunk long ago
into the downstream.

See them drift
sidewalk city
dog faced vague
mutterings at things
being conspiracies.

Language wearied
at own sharp lunges
inflated in matters
meant business hurl
of viral battles.

You do not know me
I do not know you
but there is everyone
and being kept safe
from true happiness.

Crossed over long
way leaving
bread crumb trail
blank valentines
to forgotten names.

You never called
and you never wrote
which now seems wise
in the circumstance
of crippled lives.

Anything is a crutch
to lean against
when it all falls down
from propped up
into tight corners.



Peeling the onion
to find empty
filled eyeball tears
stains the pages
of memory books.

Invisible ink
an only means
left to writing
the true stories
which no one reads.

What do we learn
repeating ourselves
made up too familiar
from cruel endings
we tried to avoid.

Avoided trying
at grinding tongues
into odd shapes
fitting the openings
of ancient key slots.

You avoid me
and I avoid you
having discrete feelings
forever and never
to speak of such things.

Pain of learning
whatever came along
seemed hard won
serving common illusions
once imagined goals.

Counting gains
the grieving losses
nearly everyone practices
the same entry skills
and similar withdrawals.

Love was a mistake
bad habits made
childhood acquisitions
making invisible friends
angry at you.

Time is money
and never well spent
midway provocation
nurtures another crowd
composed of jealousies.

Crumpled notes
never sent to any
become red faced
suspects purloined
by rat faced snickering.

Every one of them
wanting something
that they did not get
and one does not have
for the for giving.

Spill over brim
sloppy weather times
tearing the hooks out
of question marked skin
at another blood letting.

Wounding always comes
at no extra cost
and no need asking
what remains in common
after too freely given.

You failed to choose
what you don't ever choose
for yourself friend
and carefully enough
sake of love or money.

Little real difference
between salutations
and epitaphs
graved into bleak
and ugly outlooks.

That peculiar violence
strikes at a face
failed conformity to any
more usual moulds
or hide away.

It is whatever lies
in confusion
having been trashed
several times at each
dared hopeful.

Nothing to offer
in a world of no more
than personal brands
and recognition limited
to designer labels.

The eyes are always
resented the most
for their courage
daring to look beyond
variable constraints.

Furtive gazing
looks for someone
remaining unknown
and never actually there
wherever that really is.



Paralyzing cold
marking a long winter
leaves the limbs
only slowly
thawing reluctance.

We got through
a softening land
heaves winter burials
frozen emotion
prepared for display.

Still want to colour
vast spaces between
everyone's lines
where there is nothing
but unbounded solitude.

The old ways are no more
and no new ways for us
meeting anywhere
amid perpetual discontent
and seasonal threats.



Having been taken
only as prisoners
of a privacy culture
we are denied
any existential validation
of our loneliness.

Loneliness is forbidden
to the lonely
who are then punished
for not hiding away
their peculiar inadequacy
from public view.

Lonely is now unpopular
and lonely is a threat
to others
who are comfortable
in their own privacy
not being disturbed.

They are everywhere
lost in their own thoughts
strung out tangles
of themselves
similar to the hairballs
coughed out by cats.

They do not want you
to know anything
and they are terrified
as to your whispering
anything about yourself
though the privacy barriers.

Fenced off
and no trespassing
signs of do not disturb
where fines are worse
than for violating
parking spaces.

Only the matter of who
and how
they take it out of you
and out on you
for any alleged violations
or any intent to violate.

Neither your words
nor your body language
must ever reveal
anything of being guilty
of being lonely
when you are alone.

Someone will hate you
if they suspect you
being lonely
and they won't want you
anywhere around
their private circles.

There are strict rules
about not letting anyone in
who appears to be alone
and looking lonely
meaning no way out
for the prisoners of privacy.


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