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Oct 16, 2021, 5:06:43 AM10/16/21
To be honest, I tried to get a place in a FXP-Crew, while I was getting
bored from life. So around Septembre of 2019, I played with a
Portscanner, written in Python. Two days, the Range 61.x.x.x has been
scanned by me. When the portscanner had finished it's work, Merkel
travelled to China, and I was working with a checker utility, detecting
vulnerabilities in those computers, that were answering to the utility.
3-4 months later, Covid-19 broke out, so basically, I played with a
'virus' in china, and Merkel travelled to china, and from detection of
Covid-19, we know that the first cases had been in Septembre, or October.
Kind regards,
Warlock Damien <>

Leo Sgouros

Oct 29, 2021, 3:18:44 AM10/29/21
Ok this is the post I was trying to respond to. Using desktop to post with Android is a Cheech and Chong wine joke. What did your port scanning if some random device have to do with Merkel and her trips, other than the correlation all happened in a space between your ears?
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