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Jun 19, 2006, 5:16:18 AM6/19/06
This person is known to a
publicised Criminal International Stalker, stalking Eva Ionesco ,
persons notifying publicy of
these crimes are of these names listed below not being Mr Carnahan

Director of
Films/Actress etc. Eva Ionesco as herself speaking
President of the
United States Goerge W Bush
Acclaimed Muscician Ringo Starr
Prime Minister of
France Dominque de Villpin
Ted Kennedy
Politician Governor
of Iowa Thomas Vilsack
Representative of

Brent Monroe Carnahan
Known Said Criminal Activities Profile

nearly the age of thirty
Lives at father residence
Tries to earn currencies from appliances deliverie's person tries to
repair appliances,electronics,automobiles etc.
Sales and uses Narcotics Marijuana Cocaine Methanphetamines
Does Not Live with or more than regularily provide for any Female gender
Has sex with animals (Beastiality Sex)
Does Not Live with any Female Gender Human except his own Mother
Material Wealths include: A Vandalised Automobile and some salvageable
automotive parts clothing Tools
Mental Pyschical Skills are none
Not a High School Graduate Or GED Diploma Graduate No College Graduate
Unskilled Laborer Selling of Narcotics

{NON Convicted Pedofile Homosexual Rapist}

Raped Sodomised Underage boy Stabbed boy with screwdriver tool cut
fleshes of boy with razor blades
sodomised boy with penis/ tongue/ screwdriver
Forced Boy to perform sexual acts of Fellatio to himself
Has sex with Homosexual childhood friends
Criminal self soliciting Telephone Stalker Stalked Penectomised
Ex-Boyrlfreind Boy age more than 21 years of age
Uses telephone to aid himself to sell Narcotics Etc. anything to be sold
via use of Telephones speaking using telephone Telephones callings
Once arrested for Possesion of Marijuana results arrestment fined ,
Loss of Drivers Licence 3 months Probation Period

Psychological Mental Personal Defects
Non-Social Sexual Frustrations (Problems) ( 1-to All ) Rape Sodomy
Violence Self Inflicted Sexual Coersive Acts Lack of Self Successes
Homosexuality, Thief Lying To Protect Self Image Lying To Protect Others
Self Image Criminal Narcotics Uses Lack of Curriencies To Be Successful
Not Any Gender Partner Values Beastialities Fetshes

1. (Rape) Raped Under Age Minor

2. ( Sodomy ) Sodomised Under Age Minor with Own
Penis,Screwdricver Tools,Hand and Fingers Hand, Tongue Knives

3. (Violence) Stabbed,Bludgeoned Under Age Minor
with Screwdriver Tools Knives,Cuttings usages of Razor Blades on Underage
Minor Fleshes
Threats of murder to victim's
to prevent telling of or about being forcibly raped

4. (Masterbations) Masterbated ownself Until
Ejaculations onto Underage Minor Face Torso Area, Inside of Mouth and Anus

5, (Forced Masterbations) Fellattio to Underage Minor
Masterbated UnderAged Minor usingForces of Hands and Fingers Until
Ejaculation's occur

6. (Fellatio,Cunnulingus) Forced Under Age Minor to Perform
Fellatio to Homosexual Rapist pedofile ownself, Rapist Forcibly Performed
Fellatio Under Age Minor

7. (Ejaculates Swallowings) Forces Raped Victim to swallow own
ejaculates and ejaculates of Rapist ownself pleasures from swalloing
ejaculates together, (age of 4 female)
and Carnahan own stomach
pumped to remove parisitic worms,worms derived from swallowings of canines
animals sperms,from the sexual acts
of fellatio's sexes with

8. (Pedofile Tendencies) Forced Rape Of Under Aged Minor's
(children) {Homosexal Tendencies}

9. (HomoSexual Tendencies) Related Homosexual Forced Rape or Rapes
of Under Age Minor(Minors) Repeating of Rape if allowed with social

10. (Beatialities Rapings) Forced Rapings of (Animals)
Canines, Felines, Fish, Birds Etc.

11 (Beastiality Acts of Raping) 1 {Forced Rapings of Canines}
Stabbings(Knives Fingernails Pens Pencils , (Sodomies Rapings) instruments
and usuages/
Screwdrivers Tools/Rubber
Tubings/Plastics Tubings Insertions of own Penis (Usages and non-usages of
2 {Forced Rapings of Felines}
Cunnulingus ,Fellatio to Felines
3 {Forced Rapings of Birds}
Cunnulingus,Fellatio to Birds
4 { Forced Rapings of Fish}
Cunnulingus,Fellatio to Fish or Fishes species
5 {Stabbings of Animals) Stabbings
into or of Vaginas Anus's Eyes Lips Bodily Harms to Animals
6 { Stabbings of Animals} Stabbings
of Vaginas inlets of Fishes ( prescribed from some fishes breeders to be
Normal and Abnormal Clinical

12 (Narcotics Usages) 7 {Narcotics Usaages}
marijuana,cocaine,LSD,methamphetamine,psylocybin poisons derived from eating

13 ( Alchoholism's) 8 {Alchoholism)
Beer,Whiskies,Bourbons,Grain Alchohols,Wines,Mixed Alchoholic Beverages

(Social Relationship Disorders ) [Mental and Psychlogical
Tortures to Victims]

1 { Sexual Partner was a
Penectomised Homosexual Male Gender person living as a woman
2 { Purchasing material wealths
for partner to steal wealths during relationship to blame partner for loss
of meterial possesions
3 { Fighting Intentioanlly to
harm partner incude(stabbings,spitting of salivas onto
persons,strikings,kickings,burnings of Head
hairs,face,lips,breasts anus
vagina,legs,eyes,nose,hands,fingers,arms,scarring of fleshes from burnings
usages of ciggarete lighter
or propane torch to burn victim anywhere
fleshes are reveled to br

1 (Fetish's) 1 {Brent steals the panties and
braziers of his biological female sisters ans sexual partners ,to wear the
stolen panties amd braziers when
masterbating ownself animals,and or sexual partners

2 (Suffocating Fetishis's) 2 { Brent puts plastic's bag's and
panties or underwears on own head, to suffocate himself while masterbating
ownself,animals,and or sexual partners

3. (Scatoria) 3 {Eating,swalling Fecals from
ownself,animals humans masterbates ownself with fecals on hands and body

4 (Sniffing Fetishes) 4 { Sniffing's of pre-worn
underwear. females pre-worn panties Ejaculates to inhibit an intoxicating or
hallucional euphoric mental highness while
masterbating or commiting
the acts of sex with ownself ,animals,sexual partner or partners

5 (Self Inflicted Sodomies) 5 { sodomises ownself with anything
found to gratify while masterbating or committing the acts of sex with
ownself,animals,sexual partners
uses large circumcerence
tubings to blow dead guppies and goldfishes into own sphincter among other
small animals able to fit into
tubings/ spiders/pinkie
eggs/canines sperms/milk/glass bottles
cuesticks/screwdrivers/ownself fingers and hand/ratchet
tool/dildos/vibrators/animals penises/spatula handles/pens/pencils etc.

6 (Swallowings of Urines) 6 { Swallowings of Urines from humans
or animals _ purposes unknown}
7. ( Thefts of womens garments) 7 [ Theft of womens braziers ,panties
/offering to purchase under garment] names of women Brent Carnahan has
stolen garments from or tried
to purchaser

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