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hello-wanted to introduce myself

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Jun 26, 2007, 8:53:56 PM6/26/07
Hello everyone,
My name is Caroline and I am a 38 yr. old happily married female with
TS. I was dx. around age 10-11 and very lucky not to not have major
problems. Growth hormone therapy was not FDA approved at the time but
I tried a trial from Shands Clinic at the University of FLA. I did
get some but not a lot of height from it. (4'9'' ) yet I survived my
teens and early adulthood. I have a degree and work in social
services, got married to a wonderful man I adore 3 yrs. ago so I am
blessed to have a full and active life. As an adult getting older I
am trying to be more proactive in my health. I always have focused on
gyn issues but now trying to stay on top of having bone scans and
checking for any heart and kidney issues like I need to. I am also
hypothyroid and take medication and thankfully my levels have been
normal but I go back for follow up on July 10th.
Very happy to talk and thanks for reading.


Jun 28, 2007, 2:34:59 AM6/28/07
Hello, my name is Dúnia:

Thanks for the mail. I'm 34. I'm from Catalonia (Spain). I'm not
married,and i have been working as a teacher.

I wold like to recive news from you. I promise to reply.


Laura D

Jun 30, 2007, 12:58:27 AM6/30/07
I never got to take growth harmones. I'm a few years older than you, and
they weren't approved until I was too old for them to do any good. I ended
up 4'7. I'm not married though.

Thanks for posting.

Laura D.
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