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May 12, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/12/97

I am a 25 year old female who was diagnosed with turner sydrome at birth.
I participated in an experimental treatment program using synthetic growth
hormone throughout my teenage years.

Would love to talk with others who might have daughters who have been
diagnosed with Turner Syndrome and offer any advice I can of talk with
women who have had similar experiences to mine.

I have tried the chat group estblished by the Turner Syndrome Society
and either 1--no one was in it and 2- I found it very user unfriendly.

This is why I am propsoing starting an informal chat session. If you are
interested in organizing a more informal chat session e-mail me at so we can establish a time a place (probably in a
private room through people connection on America Online)

Looking forward to hearing from you.


May 16, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/16/97

Sounds like a great idea -


May 20, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/20/97

How did your growth hormone treatment work out? My daughter is probably
going to begin treatments this year (although we just got a letter from
our insurance company denying coverage). We would be very interested in
hearing your experiences.

Morgan Gilhuly


May 27, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/27/97

I don't think I'm the you your posting refers to....but my 12 year old
just had her check up with the pediactric endocrinologist and I want to
share that she started HGH 17 months ago and has grown 7 inches (from 4'
1.75" to 4'6.75")!!! She is just finishing sixth grade and I believe she
had a more positive experience this last year than she would have at 4'2".

I also want to thank all the parents who encouraged me to go with my
feelings and change Dr's. Just having your support made all the
difference. By the way her new Dr. is seeing her every 3-4 months and
adjusting her RX as she grows whereas the first Dr. saw her every 6 months
and left her on the same dosage for the first year. Brita is also more
comfortable with Dr. # 2 and she is only an hour away!. I am very glad to
get out of the teaching hospital atmosphere also. Her new Dr. trained
under Dr. #1 so there is a link to that facility if needed!

Thanks you all for always being willing to share information and offer
your support.


Jul 15, 2012, 5:58:28 AM7/15/12
why I can't see my chat people and can't chat on gmail?
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