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Gregory Carr

Dec 31, 2021, 2:44:59 AM12/31/21
On Thursday, 30 December 2021 at 14:00:58 UTC-8, Somewhat Vegetarian wrote:
> Although I am not a killer of men or women myself, I feel at least a bit of animosity toward both men and women who might be evil, and I feel no sympathy for the death or suffering of such kinds of people, whether it be through natural causes or even through violence. As I said, I am no killer, and I do not feel very inclined to outward gestures of violence toward just about anyone, possibly including those who are evil. Although I do not believe that I would ever be the actual hand behind any misconduct against evil people as such, I offer no prayers for them, as I might do for good people who suffer or die. In fact, I sometimes feel what might be “negative prayers” toward evil people, wishing those who are evil as such the worst kind of fate. But even though my inner being might actually at times wish death and suffering to evil people, such is nothing that I would necessarily ever play a part in outwardly doing. Such is my pacifism, knock on wood.
> Is it hate what I feel then? I do not believe that to be so. I simply feel a sense of justice, which might sometimes come in the form of violence from conventional figures of such justice, such as police officers or even thugs. I frustrate at those who get away with certain possible theological evils, such as slander, theft, adultery, and murder. It might possibly be evil enough to simply disobey God, as opposed to the Bible alone, I might add.
> The best kind of justice might be divine justice, I suggest, that which might come from God himself, God possibly being the most reliable judge of what is evil and what is not evil as such. The Bible itself might say in at least one verse, Justice is mine and mine alone, sayeth the Lord. But I suggest that even those who are not inclined toward killing, such as possibly I myself, might find it cathartic to hope for the death of such evil through negative prayers, which could, I suggest, simply be a sort of petitioning of God for his assistance.
> I hope that the next Sodom and Gomorrah is just around the corner, where God’s wrath itself might be behind the mass destruction of many evil people, evil of which might be all too common within certain communities throughout the world. But if the existence of such evil is not real, being little more than a delusion on my part, then perhaps all the better.

Have a good New Years Mr. Urtiz. The Bible says in Isaiah ppl eyes and tongues will rot out and in Revelation that a third of the Earth's population will die. I doubt my neighbour is Christian but he has never bothered me or anyone else in the building would hate to have him die so horribly. Feel free to petition the LORD with prayer. Jim Morrison said you could not do that but he died a bloated corpse at 27 with no children and the parents he hated got all his money.


Jan 2, 2022, 11:28:02 AMJan 2
El 31/12/21 a las 8:44, Gregory Carr escribió:
Neither of your theories could ruin a good daily plan.

perl -E 'say "Error: Champan!"'
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