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Gregory Carr

Nov 14, 2021, 8:04:39 PM11/14/21
On Saturday, 13 November 2021 at 21:02:42 UTC-8, Somewhat Vegetarian wrote:
> 1. The right to occasionally change one’s mind, perhaps even if it means the occasional breaking of an informal promise.

OK but there should be a good reason for it and perhaps you should do something else for the other party.
> 2. The right to consider the Ten Commandments to be central to Judaic Law, perhaps especially the divine mandate against taking a human life within such a >tractate of Laws; and additionally to have such a mandate sometimes override other mandates of the remaining 603 Laws of the Torah when there is an obvious >conflict between the two, such as in the Law that calls for the stoning to death of homosexuals, blasphemers, and certain other kinds of sinner.

Totally disagree and so does JEHOVAH. There is military violence resulting in death by GOD's ppl in the OT.
> 3. The right to regard certain kinds of occupations as innately anathema to God, due to their sometimes violent and oppressive nature, as well as their possible threat to a free society and to a certain Christian propriety.

Such as what? Do you work? The Apostle Paul made tents. Luke was a physician. Matthew was a tax collector. JESUS was a carpenter. Some Disciples were fishermen.
> 4. The right to reject the wordage of “the white god”, due to its possibly offensive nature to certain non-white races, and to regard such a nomenclature as potentially pagan and evil, even in light of its possible popularity within certain parts of the world.

Uhh the colour of GOD is mentioned nowhere in the Bible there are around 3,000 ppl named in the Bible the colour of them is not mentioned. GOD is not racist therefore neither should Christians. Racism is evil and usu. stupid.
> 5. The right to favor love over hate as a spiritual ideal.

Fine with me.
> 6. The right to hold moral goodness as the greatest divine or human attribute, perhaps even more important than political power, wealth, personal beauty, intelligence of mind, or any other number of often desired personal achievements.

Okay but if you have wealth and political power you can further your moral goodness on others and help others and live better. Nothing wrong with intelligence and education. Looks matter.
> 7. The right to believe that stealing might be a sin as well as a possible crime.

Yes 100% agree. I didn't steal even when I was homeless for 7 months. The Bible in a couple places says owners must pay their employees what they are promised. The Bible says Thou Shalt Not Steal plus it also condemns thieves specifically.

> 8. The right to “misbehave” every so often, so long as no one’s safety or property is directly put at risk.

Uhh need more clarification.
> 9. The right to not believe in the true existence of or need for absolute perfection in the world, finding perfection as such to often be conducive to social >intolerance, fascism, and sometimes even cultural genocide.

Don't agree. Let us just say let's get better. Fascism and communism is bad and evil.
> 10. The right to believe that angels are superior to fallen angels.

That is a no brainer. The Bible say we will get to rule over angels.
> 11. The right to regard gangs and other street soldiers to in certain ways be more noble than police officers might be.

Totally disagree but you might live in a place with corrupt and bad cops.

Justice for George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Oluwatoyin "Toyin" Salau, Ian Bush, Myles Gray, Eurie Martin, Clive Mensah, Allain Lebreton, Huseyin Celil (political prisoner in China)

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