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Re: Strange story

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David Dalton

Dec 20, 2023, 9:28:04 PM12/20/23
On Dec 20, 2023, Roger Kjøde wrote on sci.physics
(in article<>):

> I don't know if anybody will even care but this some of my story.
> My name is Roger Kjøde and i am from a small place in Norway called Ørsta.
> Born 3/4-1978.
> In 1999 i was at home in Ørsta while studying Physics in Trondheim, and one
> nigth while smoking hasjis i started talking to a voice in my head. I talked
> with this
> voice for a long time and finally asked to talk to God. As i remember "God"
> gave me the mission
> to convince everyone in the world that you can talk to God if you smoke/have
> smoked cannabis.
> I asked if i could write something on the internet or talk to somebody but
> this was not enough.
> I then suggested that the voice erased the memory of me talking to it and
> programm me to
> complete the mission. The voice said yes. I went to bed and the day after i
> remebered nothing.
> Some time later, I have no idea of how long I had the tougth "I have been
> reprogrammed" and while in Trondheim
> I whent into a psycosis and wrote disturbed messages on usenet. I claimed
> that something i called
> nanites (nano machined) where created by God an was your friends, and that
> you can talk to god with cannabis. (search google groups to read.)
> It was discovered that i was sick and was committed to Ålesund psyciatric
> hospital. Diagnosis scitzofrenia. On this trip i asked to talk to God and he
> told me that there was a pill I must not take or everything would fail.
> Eventually i got well and functioned fine, I worked a year and studied in
> Oslo, but also here i was commited, twise. In 2020 I moved back to Ørsta,
> not finding work in Oslo and with bad grades after my masterdegree. I had
> beed troubled a long time with horrible anxiety, and i was desperate. A
> "friend" gave me two pills from his medicines and told me what they where
> called, but with my shit memory when i got home I forgot their names and did
> not remember if this was the pill God warned me ageinst. So i took one. Then
> i got mental. I got the ideea i was a telepath and got really sick. I was
> committed. While commited I posted confused horrible messages on facebook and
> some insane messages on twitter. And just then the war i Ukraine broke out. :O
> I got well, But just before the attack on Israel i got sick agein and posted
> some strange facebook messages.
> I got committed agein, and discovered a message on usenet (google gropus)
> posted in 2001 wich i did not remember writing, so in pure reflex i wrote "I
> did not not write this" (Did God write it?) It said that bacterofagues are
> machines (nanites I think) that can controll you you to do evil, and that emp
> will destroy them, and that one does not need cannabis to talk to God. (serch
> usenet for roger kjode)
> Now i am at home but unwell. I have problems consentrating and a voice in my
> head at some times, and I feel horrible guilt. Have i destryed the world by
> taking a pill? (shit memory)
> Regor. Roger backwards means: I am ruled, I am governed" "I am guided, I am
> steered" in latin...
> And Kjøde is K-jew in norwegian. King of the jews?
> I hope I am just mad. :)
> Roger Kjøde
> Roger Kjøde

I think you should probably avoid cannabis if it gets you committed,
though I have had luck avoiding cannabis and alcohol 1--9 days
before full moon and indulging in moderation at other times.
It may also help to share the cannabis rather than smoking a
whole joint by yourself. Also indica would be more relaxing
than sativa.

Are you on any psychiatric meds? If so, which one(s)?
I don’t have voices, and am diagnosed bipolar with occasional
psychosis, and am on 1000 mg divalproex sodium
plus a top up of 7.5 mg olanzapine nightly.

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