Programmed Suicides and Ritual Satanic Abuse

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Apr 5, 2022, 2:42:15 PMApr 5
I was wondering why church prays for the black Catholics and
guarantees them salvation by sacrament of baptism, but not to
their victims who commit suicide under their harassment and
ritual abuse?

Does this make any sense, that victims who flip go to straight to Hell
and willful ritual sadistic abusers go to Purgatory at worst and
then to Heaven?

Here the religion fails at righteousness when it comes to the victim.
Eventually, all murderers and rapists would go to Purgatory and
only victims who commit suicide to Hell? I know this was needed
perhaps as a deterrent for people from committing suicide.

But what would the Creator God be if the only way to keep people
alive is to threaten them with Hell if they refuse?

However, in some cultures it is even a desirable act to preserve
honour of the family (old Japan and Germany nobles).

I have quite a few very dear people who committed suicide, some
even wrote a fairwell note, but I would still rather have them with
me in Heaven than the bunch I am with here now ...

How odd ...

in the Lord
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