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myopic falcon

Jan 8, 2022, 2:33:46 PMJan 8
While claiming to be a moral judge of right and wrong, unacceptable and acceptable, sane and insane from Sigmund Freud at least, the psychiatry suffers from the main paradigm problem.

It further labels the people that the bullies of this sick society have created feeling unfit. It gives them the label of the "mentally ill", because some category of people must be chosen as the customers for their treatment and sold mind drugs to. Already victimized people are always a good target for additional victimization, because they will suspect nothing of the ill and essentially a pathologically sick treatment they have been exposed to, as long as a simple rule is imposed on them to be "accepted": admit your diagnose and take your pills.

The psychiatry claims moral judgment about the sanity of the crime perpetrators, but it does little or no estimation on the moral state of those who provide her with the patients, as long as their paycheck arrives and they are materially secured with a good position and esteem in society. Very opposed to their customers, for they create a climate in which each peace loving flower picking "schizophrenic" can potentially have a flip in their dark uncharted psyche and become a menace to the society by their view of this world or s physical crime like a psychopathic murder.

No matter how much it swears in anti-stigma movement, psychiatry actually gives fuel to this myth for it provides her with additional customers for its treatment, who are taught that mental hygiene movements are baloney and that the only way to stay sane is to take psychopharmacs for more and more psychological constructs which are mandated as diagnoses and enforced on patients who will often accept them in an introjection and defend their mind jailors.

While you see people at the wards reduced to physiological needs plus taking meds, this is not an accident, because this is the purpose of life that psychiatry gives to its unsuspecting customers.

Which will often spy on each other and ensure that their peers comply with the treatment like the victims of any (other) totalitarian regime.

Job 23:17
Though I did not perish neither in the dark deeps, nor in the darkness that covered my face.

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