Re: Certain basic human rights that I believe every American should be allowed to have

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Gregory Carr

Nov 14, 2021, 8:29:42 PM11/14/21
On Saturday, 13 November 2021 at 14:07:07 UTC-8, Somewhat Vegetarian wrote:
> 1. The right to refuse medical treatment for virtually any disease, perhaps including certain contagious or deadly ones.

Fine as long as you are not in contact with others.
> 2. The right to make certain legal and medical decisions for oneself, even when one is a layman and not a professional within such fields of expertise.

> 3. The right to fart aloud when within the confines of one’s own home.

Funny you typed that I drank a fair bit last night so have let a few rip today. I live alone though.
> 4. The right to smile or to not smile, at one’s own behest.

> 5. The right to glance as opposed to stare at individuals other than oneself, without having to fear becoming a victim of violence, legal capsize, or other similar punishment.
> 6. The right to believe in an ethereal God, the likes of whom is not necessarily any tangible human being, perhaps including Jesus Christ.

Hmm I think I agree.
> 7. The right to dislike as opposed to hate any human being, without having to explain why one does or does not.

I agree but sometimes you should give a reason.
> 8. The right to place higher worth in the happiness and safety of a human being than one does in that of a mere animal.

That is spelled out in Genesis. The Bible calls on us to be good stewards of animals.
> 9. The right to openly criticize and to occasionally ostracize both atheists and homosexuals.

YES! The Bible specifically says homosexual sex acts are to be punished by death. The Bible specifically condemns homosexual sex acts in 7 places.
> 10. The right to keep to oneself in light of being picky with regard to the moral qualities of one’s family or friends.

Correct. My now thankfully deceased parents were upset that I wouldn't go to my Uncle's (nice guy) for Dec.25.
> 11. The right to fast in moderation.

The Bible mentions fasting of course. I tried it but I get too faint I weigh over 225 pounds. One deceased relative on my Mom's side did a 40 day fast once and credited it with his good health for the rest of his life. this guy posts in the roman-catholic ng as HeartDocAndrew hunger is his big thing Wonderfully Hungry.
> 12. The right to occasionally disobey a figure of authority.

100% agree. Doing the right thing or obeying the law or Bible sometimes requires it.
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