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Regression to Communism

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shattered hologram

Dec 17, 2023, 3:40:25 AM12/17/23
No matter my witnessing in past 29 years, as apostle Paul says in
Romans 10:16

"But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Esaias saith, Lord, who hath
believed our report?"

It was impossible even to convince them to deny Satan the Devil, whom
they call "Safe Satan". Even more, they trust in the grace of the Lady
and sell to the System to get expensive Mercedeses and BMWs to
"work" on the subduction of the population with parapsychological
killings of spirit.

I was not able to prove that the wage of harlot and blood money cannot
be blessed and used in building of churches or the Temple.

I failed to prove that angels of God or church are not the promiscuous
whoremongers in Mercedeses and BMWs.

The people think they know it all, they know everything despite having
not studied anything, and that their witchcraft is the Spirit of God
that answers prayers and cleanses sins (by simply "frying" them, without
any required sacrifice).

The System insists on "returning" and rotating traitors and Judases,
so fresh ones take turn in "frying sins". Ever assuming more control
and domination. But this domination and control is often used as
a backdoor for other abusers and mobs, and for corrupted seduction.

But they are not against adultery, but collectively punish rejection of
promiscuous girls and married women. Neither they are against abortion
which they simply call "ab" and consider a routine contraception measure.

Mind control doesn't leave any firm spot to rely on, except the
reality of God's salvation and what we do to try to please Him.

In this I must also acknowledge that I fail in God's Commandment
"Love thy neighbour as thyself!"

But that love would probably come more easily if they simply left me
alone, abandon thought control and spying, invading my privacy, choice
of relationships and partners, or choosing to be on my own,
and stop stealing from my head.

All of these can be forgiven save the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit,
but they should first deny Satan the Devil, and I cannot do that for them.

in Christ Jesus
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