comprehension and learning difficulties

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Aug 30, 2006, 1:56:13 AM8/30/06
My beautiful daughter had a reaction to her 'shots' when she was 6
weeks of age. She went into blank stare seizures (she had a couple of
them) and started turning blue. We rushed her to the hospital, but by
then she was back to normal. The Doctors would not say it was or was
not the result of the immunizations. I truly believe it was.
She then stopped tracking objects, stopped responding to sounds,
stopped drinking from bottles (she would only nurse) We thought she was
going blind, as did our family doctor. It was like she had become a
vegetable, for lack of better word. We finally took her to the
chiropractor. He did an adjustment, what an amazing result. We went
from this 12 week old baby who only slept and ate to a playful, awake
baby .
She was assessed by the Birth to 3 program, who said she did need
intervention, when they came back 3 months later to begin therapy she
had improved so much, they cancelled the sessions.
Now I have a five year old daughter, who has trouble comprehending. She
just does not "get" things. A therapist 'aquaintance' mentioned the
word PRAXIS. I have read some on the subject, one time it really
applies to her and the next thing is so far off.
She can write he name but does not know the letters. She will sometimes
write them from right to left instead of left to right. She does not
know the difference between numbers and letters. It took her 6 months
to learn to draw a straight line, she liked to draw these tiny, tiny
circles. She does not understand the term 'around', she can not walk
backwards. She has just learned to hop on one foot. She likes to repeat
and repeat her questions to you without giving you an opportunity to
She has had IEP tests done at the local school. For one teacher she
scored low and the next she scored a little higher, so they said she is
"at the low end of 'normal"
Can any one point me in the right direction? I need to learn how to
help her learn! I don't want her to become so frustrated with school
that she hates it. Any ideas or suggestions?
Thanks, Becka

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