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Dec 29, 2004, 9:58:27 PM12/29/04
    Perhaps the UK peoples on this list can help me settle a dispute with my son (17).  Eric says that if you get a permit or license from a sercretary of state in the UK, you can grow weed.  Is this true?  Are there any laws that govern the growth and sales of marijuanna?


John Smith

Dec 30, 2004, 2:57:36 AM12/30/04
I believe that science labs can grow it for research and there has been a
lot of debate about whether it should be used for medical reasons (eg for

I would love to see the reply to a request to our new Home Secretary
(Secretary of State)

In general marijuanna is illegal to grow, posses or distribute. We have
three classifications of drugs imagainatively called class A,B & C.

marijuanna (or cannibis as the legal eagles tend to call it here) has
recently been downgraded from B to C

Despite this if I was caught growing and selling marijuanna, I would not be
suprised if I ended up in prison.
Even growing for personal use may lead to time behind bars.
If I was caught importing it - my home would be a 9 x 8 foot cell for the
next few years. If I was caught with a small amount in my pocket my local
police I would expect a telling off/caution/ possibly small fine, although
it I could still be arrested.

One if the problems is that often things are debated on the TV and radio -
and people assume that they have become law.


IF you are caught
"Me" <joanna...@insightbb.com> wrote in message


Dec 30, 2004, 5:48:42 AM12/30/04

I don't know if that's true. I thought about getting some for myself,
but have decided agaist it because of the risk of paranoia, etc.



Dec 30, 2004, 8:40:23 AM12/30/04
John Smith wrote:
> Despite this if I was caught growing and selling marijuanna, I would not be
> suprised if I ended up in prison.

The federal penalties are much stiffer and they kick in if you're caught
with more then 100 plants. Stick to 99 and you're dealing with the
state courts, and those laws vary.

No idea about the brits. I hear the EU (or some of the states) are
allowing Marijuana for medical use such as MS, cancer, migraines, etc.

I'm looking forward to the US Supreme Court decision on medical
marijuana in California. It's ridiculus to think that Ashcroft spends
his time trying to jail cancer victims.

As for your son, if he's straight A's, I'd leave him alone. Otherwise,
I'd bust him.



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