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Michael Alpert

Apr 5, 2010, 6:40:33 AM4/5/10
In India, advanced yogins can put themselves into suspended

They do what is called the "khechari mudra" (fig gesture). They have had
the ligature under the tongue cut so that they can stick it up back the

This causes a vagal syncope, a faint, from extreme vagal stimulation.
But, the blood stays oxygenated until when ever they decide to pull the
tongue back out.

These advanced yogins have remained buried under the sands of the Ganges
River for two weeks and resurrected. Houdini used this secret.

Crucifixion causes tremendous vagal stimulation. From the victim
attempting to breathe, crucifixion causes "holotropic" breathing, see

Dr. Stanislav Grof replaced LSD with holotropic breathing. The vagus
nerve is the largest mucarinic nerve in the body.

The muscarinic nervous system stimulation spreads to the brain, waking
up the brain like LSD, but LSD works by blocking the inhibitory neurons
that muscarine and vagal stimulation override.

There are three levels of brain excitation, perinatal matrices one, two,
and three. In perinatal matrix three the victim body switches bodies,
backward and forward in time, suffering the sufferings of each body the
victim body switches into. That's how Jesus is in us.

High doses of LSD were used to make victims experience real as life the
experiences of everyone seen, one at a time, by going backward and
forward in time.

"Clockwork Orange" depicted a prisoner who had been given a high dose of
LSD, and he was forced to watch films of Auschwitz. Today, LSD is so
illegal that the Gitmo Baptism is used the same way but by vagal

Dr. Stanislav Grof said, in his "The Adventure of Self Discovery", that
the original Baptism, like that by John the Baptist, was like the Gitmo
Baptism, to cause psychedelic consciousness, "initiation into the Sacred

It was top secret classified at the making of the movie "Clockwork
Orange" that the prisoner was given a high dose of LSD, and that he body
switched into every victim in Auschwitz he saw, one at a time, backwards
and forward in time.

The advanced Yogin has to deal with the tremendous power of the mind
that causes loss of control of this tremendous power, or, he just might
wish he were someone else, and "zap", he's off body switching.

Unauthorized knowers and users of this knowledge, real "witches", try to
go no further that perinatal matrix two, and use their powers there to
get what they want.

There is a "holy inquisition" live and well today in Islamic countries,
where, witches are stoned to death for "blowing on knots".

In other countries rumors have got around that vagal stimulation brings
euphoria in perinatal matrix one.

Before the turn of the Twenty-First Century anyone caught "blowing on
knots" was committed to a mental hospital gulag, and attempts were made
to erase the memory of this secret by applying electric shock

This is the supreme secret of dominant mystical secret societies and
priestcrafts, and Jesus said, "What you have whispered in the inner
chambers shall be preached from the house tops". He referred to the
cross long before his crucifixion.

It is very well possible that Jesus resurrected just like those advanced
yogins resurrect from the sands of the Ganges. Also, of course He was
the incarnation of God, and could resurrect without any excuse.

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