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Robert Broughton

Jul 3, 2007, 8:49:47 PM7/3/07
The ANR Foundation is pleased to announce the July 2007 quarterly update to
the lists and maps of U.S. municipalities and states with 100% smokefree
laws now in effect. Dozens of additional localities from Olmsted County,
MN to Hilton Head, SC are now represented since the last update:

2007 is still on track to be the biggest year ever for the smokefree
movement! At midyear, every state has addressed secondhand smoke in the
workplace by discussing, enacting, or implementing a strong state and/or
local law that brings safe and healthy smokefree environments to workers.
In just six months, the U.S. population coverage has jumped an astounding
8%; nearly 58% of U.S. population now lives in a city or state with a
strong smokefree law, up from nearly 50% at the beginning of the year.
Strong local laws continue to serve as the foundation to the smokefree
movement, leading the way for statewide successes.

100% Smokefree means that the venues within a category (i.e. restaurants,
workplaces, or bars) are smokefree in their entirety with no loopholes for
ventilation, hours of operation, size exemptions, etc.

Brand New Smokefree Laws in effect since our last quarterly update on April
2, 2007:

Anchorage, AK
Temecula, CA
Hanover Park, IL
Westchester, IL
Allen County, IN+ (except those cities that choose to opt out)
Fort Wayne, IN
West Lafayette, IN
Louisville/Jefferson County, KY+
Madison County, KY+
Oldham County, KY+
Berrien County, MI+
Lenawee County, MI+
Carlton County, MN+
Hutchinson, MN
Olmsted County, MN+
Kirksville, MO
Atlantic City, NJ
New Hope, PA
Hilton Head Island, SC
Plano, TX
Southlake, TX
Beloit, WI
Upshur County, WV+

Strengthened Smokefree Laws since our last quarterly update on April 2,
2007: (by amending current law or by more of the law now being in effect):

Gilbert, AZ
Bloomington, IL
Lake Forest, IL
Howard County, MD

+ Law pertains to both incorporated and unincorporated areas of county.

To see the municipalities with these new or strengthened laws, as well as
all of the other smokefree cities, counties, and states, use the link below:


Four new state laws were enacted (passed by legislature and signed by
governor) but are not yet in effect:

Maryland enacted 100% smokefree workplace, restaurant, and bar law, which
is scheduled to go into effect February 1, 2008.

Minnesota enacted 100% smokefree restaurant and bar law, which is scheduled
to go into effect October 1, 2007.

New Hampshire enacted a 100% smokefree restaurant and bar law, which is
scheduled to go into effect September 17, 2007.

Oregon enacted a 100% smokefree workplace, restaurant, and bar law, which
is scheduled to go into effect January 1, 2009.

Two new state laws are now in effect:

Arizona: Workplaces, Restaurants, and Bars
New Mexico: Restaurants and Bars

Altogether, as a result of both local and statewide smokefree laws, 8,466
municipalities now have 100% smokefree private workplaces/government
buildings, and/or restaurants, and/or bars, protecting 57.5% of the U.S.

There are now 2,617 U.S. municipalities with some sort of local clean indoor
air law, 619 of which provide 100% smokefree protection for private
workplaces/government buildings, and/or restaurants, and/or bars. Twenty
four states/commonwealths have strong laws now in effect that qualify for
at least one of the 100% smokefree list categories. A total of 35 states
and the District of Columbia now have 100% smokefree air laws at the local

A total of 217 municipalities have ordinances in effect that provide for
100% smokefree workplaces, restaurants, AND bars.

More specifically: 41.1% of the U.S. population now lives in cities or
states with smokefree private workplaces/government buildings
(non-restaurant/bar), 54.9% in areas with smokefree restaurants, and 43.2%
in areas with smokefree freestanding bars. 26.2% are currently protected in
all three categories.

Please note that these smokefree lists reflect only those laws that are in
effect and that result in entirely smokefree enclosed workplaces (includes
both public and private non-hospitality workplaces, including, but not
limited to, offices, factories, and warehouses), restaurants (includes any
attached bar in the restaurant), and/or bars, without exemptions. Laws that
allow for separate ventilation, size exemptions, or smoking rooms are not
included on the ANR Foundation 100% smokefree lists.

If you know of a municipality that has enacted a smokefree ordinance that
does not appear on the list, please contact Pete Hanauer at
pete.hanauer AT no-smoke.org. We will make every effort to make sure the
ordinance appears on the next quarterly update.

The lists are updated on a quarterly basis. The next quarterly update will
be in early October 2007. You may also contact Holly Callahan for hard
copies of these lists. She can be reached at anr AT no-smoke.org.

Only ordinances that have been personally reviewed and analyzed by ANR
Foundation staff using standardized criteria are included in ANR
Foundation's ordinance lists.

These reports, lists and maps are made possible, in part, by grants from the
American Legacy Foundation and FAMRI, the Flight Attendant Medical Research
Institute. These materials do not necessarily represent the views of the
Foundations, Foundation staff, or its Board of Directors.

Frieda Glantz
Project Manager
Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights
American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation
frieda.glantz AT no-smoke.org

Bob Broughton
Vancouver, BC, Canada
"There is no rational, moral or economic argument for the continuation
of the manufacture, sale or use of smoking tobacco."
- Robert Starkey, http://smokefreerevolution.org/, 03/18/2007

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