Politicians should have graduate (PHD) degrees to be competent?

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Apr 22, 2012, 4:30:45 PM4/22/12
I like Obama’s idea. I think in today’s times with complex global multiplex issues, both democrat and republican politicians at the levels of Congressman and Senators must have training in their roles and responsibilities. Most are attorneys, and don’t have knowledge in executively managing a state or geographical area and must rely on political advisors to make important decisions, and hence, we the people, all suffer the consequences. For example, how much can A. Schwarzenegger contribute to running California?
Answer to our national dilemma! I think all politicians should have graduate (PHD) degrees in finance, economics, civil engineering, etc. that make them now a value added politician. So when an idea is put on the table, such as let’s deregulate mortgages, 30 to 50 men will have a flag go up in their heads, with follow up discussion on the impact this may have on our future, rather than just sitting there in silence at a caucus or meeting.
We are voting people in public office who are immediately incompetent in their new executive office and must stop this voting scam now!

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