Home Invasion Failed, So Transient Calls Omaha Police

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Nov 6, 2009, 10:13:58 AM11/6/09
Another chapter in the saga of police "protection" in Omaha, Nebraska, and
Mr. Trent (TJ) Stewart.

This one ranks right up there with the COPS episode where a black female
cocaine buyer called police to report she was ripped off by her dealers.

It's also another one of the reasons you will likely NEVER see the
television show COPS starring any of the Omaha Police Division's Keystone

Unless COPS has a bloopers episode?

Some Holiday weekend in 2008, the former neighbor of Mr. Trent Stewart of
Omaha, Nebraska, and Mr. Stewart crossed paths.

Dave "Doc" Roth formerly of 4230 A St. was a career criminal, drug addict,
and free loader. He and his sister had inherited their partent's home at
4230 A St. and managed to smoke, inject, snort, and drink away the whole
thing, having the dump foreclosed upon by a bank who loaned the Nazi fools

Roth, who was once a fence of stolen mechandise for Captain Hamilton of the
Omaha Fire Division (log splitters, etc.) was doing what the once morbidly
obese freeloader does best, FREELOAD OFF OTHERS, as he stayed in a rented
house behind a friend of Stewart's whom he was visiting when he again met
Roth after Roth's eviction.

Roth, who draws $1000 a month is Social Security Disability while never,
ever being disabled, and who was once a state of Nebraska employee who was
fired for sleeping his hangovers off in his work truck, asked Stewart for a

It was the beginning of the week and Roth and those he was freeloading off
of were being evicted from the home they rented. Roth asked Stewart if he
could spend the rest of the week with him until his SS Disability check
would arrive in the mail on Friday and he could get a place of his own.

Knowing what a pile of human waste Dave Roth was, Stewart declined.

A day later, while again visiting his friend near Roth's latest flop house,
Roth asked Stewart if he would at least babysit his dog for him while Roth
went to the homeless shelter for a night or two until his government check

Stewart, being a dog owner himself, felt for the dog more than the murderous
scumbag, Roth, and foolishly agreed to accept the black Chow for one night.
Trusting Dave "Doc" Roth is NEVER a smart idea. His criminal record doesn't
begin to reflect the depravity of the low life.

Roth, who had liposuction surgery paid for by the tax payers, once weighed
over 500 pounds but had his blubber sucked out of him and managed to
maintain his weight at just over 200 pounds. Stewart thought the arrogant
Roth, being humbled by homelessness and no longer being obese, may have been
a changed man.

So Stewart picked up Roth and his dog on a Thursday night and brought them
both to his home. The Chow was a mean dog and had to be kept separated from
Stewarts. Once the animals were squared away, the agreement was that Roth
would hit the road and come back the next day for the dog.

Roth was dirty, smelly, and had seven or so duffle bags of clothes with him.

Stewart felt pitty on the transient so he told the man to use his shower and
washing machine to clean himself and his clothing up.

Roth spent hours doing laundry at Stewart's expense and by midnight had
himself and all his clothes clean.

Then Roth asked Stewart if he had any wire cutters.

Stewart asked why.

Roth explained that the copper ground wire on the wooden telephone polls
across the city had a heavy, solid bare copper ground wire on them and he
intended to wander the area and steel as many of those copper ground wires
as he could to exchange for money at the scrap yard.

Stewart told Roth, "I didn't have you over here to go on a crime spree," and
declined. Now realizing what a low life he had in his home, he told Roth to
sleep on his couch until the next day when they would part company.

The next day Stewart planned donating blood plasma and told Roth he would
drop him anywhere he wanted on the way. Roth asked to go with Stewart to the
plasma donation center to wait for him then for a ride to his post office
box to check for his government check.

To get rid of Dave Roth, Stewart agreed and Roth spent two hours in the
waiting room of the plasma donation center as Stewart donated blood plasma.

To date Mr. Stewart has donated 48 GALLONS of blood plasma beginning just
before the war in Iraq began.

Stewart then took Roth to get his check, Roth cashed it, then wanted a ride
to the casino, telling Stewart he had no intention of gambling but needed to
meet someone.

Once in the casino, Stewart couldn't get the low life out and could see the
writing on the wall. Roth would be broke by days end and expecting Stewart
to keep housing him.

Stewart left the casino and went about his daily business pissed off that
getting rid of Roth was going to be a pain and wishing he never helped the
low life transient in the first place.

About 10:00 PM, Stewart received a call on his cell from Roth. Roth was at
the casino (for twelve hours) and wanted a ride back to Omaha from Council

Stewart told him to fuck off and wanted to know where he should drop off his
bags and dog. Stewart wasn't giving Dave Roth a ride anywhere for any reason
and wished, as he did when they were neighbors, he never met the scumbag;

Stewart also told Roth to never step foot on his property again.

At midnight that night, while visiting a friend, a woman who lived near
Roth's flop house where he was evicted contacted Stewart and told him that
"the creepy guy" whom Stewart knew and she met, was sitting on her front
porch and she was afraid to go home.

An hour or so later, Stewart told the woman he would go to her home, find
Roth, take him, his possessions and his dog and take them anywhere they
wanted provided it was as far away as possible.

Stewart searche for Roth but couldn't find him. At about 3:30 AM Saturday
morning, while visiting yet another friend in the area and looking for Roth,
Stewart decided to retire home and go to bed.

Stewart arrived at his home a few minutes later to discover Dave Roth
sitting in his driveway.

As Stewart exited his vehicle, Roth told him that someone had broken into
his locked backyard and Roth's dog, "Midnight" was missing.

Stewart asked Roth how stupid he thought he was and proceeded to

The locked wooden gate to Stewart's backyard was in pieces and open. The
Chow came running up to Stewart while he was examining the gate.

Stewart went back to the front of his home and told Roth to get the fuck off
his property and how much he regretted ever helping the freeloading,
transient, low life. He took Roth's bags which were in the back of his truck
and tossed them into his driveway and told him to hit the road.

Roth said there was one bag missing and argued with Stewart. Finally,
Stewart told Roth he would check to see if there was another bag where Roth
claimed there was in Stewart's laundry room then Roth had to hit the road.

As Stewart was unlocking the front door of his home, Roth started coming up
his porch steps. Stewart told him to remain in the yard and not to come on
the porch. When Stewart got the door unlocked, Roth charged up the stairs
and onto Stewart's back as he opened his front door trying to push his way

Roth's attack on Stewart brought more than he bargained for.

With Roth nearly on top of him pushing his way inside, Stewart and put an
ass whooping on the larger man, Dave Roth, that would make Bruce Lee cringe.

When the home invader was immobilized by Stewart, Stewart went into his home
and retrieved the bag Roth claimed was missing and gave it to him. Roth
continued to fight and the ass whoopin continued.

Finally, the "tough guy", Dave Roth began begging Stewart to stop hitting

Stewart told the scumbag to get off his property and took Roth's bags, all
of them, and through them out to the curb.

Roth and his dog went walking down the street and that was the last Stewart
ever saw of career criminal and transient Dave "Doc" Roth.

Enter the Omaha Police Division.

Stewart decided to retire from a very bad day. He locked his door and shut
his lights off preparing for bed.

At that time, four Omaha Police Division cruisers arrived from two different
directions converging at Stewart's home.

Seeing this out his window, Stewart turned on his porch light and went
outside to meet them.

A half dozen police officers, exited their vehicles and began asking Stewart
who he was.

Stewart eventually realized he was considered the bad guy in the episode and
asked them what was going on.

Dave Roth had walked to the nearest pay phone and called police telling them
he was the victim of an assault by Stewart.

Roth claimed he was beaten with a baseball bat.

Police told Stewart the Crime Lab would soon arrive and detectives wanted to
take him in for questioning.

Stewart calmly explained what happened to the officers, initially to no

Stewart asked the officers how he would get back home if they took him
downtown and the officer stated, "Well, IF they let you go home, we'll give
you a ride."

Stewart then asked if they could wait to go to police headquarters until
AFTER crime lab arrived and photographed the inside of his home because he
explained he does not trust police and had actually been sexually assaulted
as child by two Omaha Police officers off duty.

Police told Stewart they would wait until Crime Lab was done to take him
downtown and that he was NOT under arrest, although he was handcuffed and
searched "for the protection of the officers". Police also stated they had
to wait for the Nebraska Human Society to come and get Roth's dog.

The Chow led the Nebraska Humane Society and Omaha Police Division on a
chase into Stewart's backyard. It wasn't until then the police officers took
notice of the gate Roth had destroyed which still had half of it dangling
from the lock. It wasn't until then that officers began to realize Stewart
was the victim and Roth, as always, was lying.

Police captured and caged the Chow, then Stewart prepared for a trip
downtown and began figuring out who he would call for bail money and
wondered if he would spend the three day holiday weekend at Omaha's
"Bedrock" jail.

About that time the two remaining officers on the scene told Stewart he
didn't have to go to police headquarters. They told him prosecutors might
still file charges against him since Roth was taken by ambulance to the
hospital with injuries including broken bones from the ass whoopin he

Stewart asked the police before they left what he should do with Dave Roth's
bags and they took them with them, kind of like room service for a bonafide
Swastika waving Nazi named Dave Roth.

Stewart didnt get arrested and no charges were ever filed against Roth
despite the home invasion he committed against Trent (TJ) Stewart.

Dave Roth has served two prison terms for gun and narcotics violations in
the Nebraska State Penitentiary. He frequently brags how his is the most
dangerous man on Earth, being charged with dozens and dozens of crimes but
never being convicted of any. He also brags how he killed a young mother in
a traffic accident when fleeing police and walked away from it with a slap
on the wrist thanks to his Mafia attorney, Tony Troia in Omaha.

Roth even brags about how he and his "crew" beat a "snitch" with a ball pene
hammer and dumped the body outside an Omaha hospital and walked away from it



To simply how big a low life Dave "Doc" Roth actually is, the pay phone he
used to call police to report he had been assaulted by Stewart was at the
same Kwik Shop where, earlier in the day, he had stole the soap from the
public restroom and years earlier, the key to the restroom door.

Following Mr. Stewart's plasma donation in the episode described above, Roth
produced a stack of paper towels from under his dress which he had stolen
from the public restroom at the plasma donation center while Mr. Stewart was
donating plasma.



Stewart is currently the man who brought the rapes committed by Omaha Police
and Republican Hal Daub to the attention of the USDOJ and Omaha Police.


Daub has never been investigated for the multiple sexual assaults he
committed in Omaha, NE, on married mothers and their children.


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