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Rye Acid and Cocaine, might be a good solution for many conditions. [o;-)

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Mar 14, 2019, 1:52:34 PM3/14/19
Hi, my name is Hunter.

I'm much higher than a japaneese cartoonist..

Wearing my t-shirt or licking my forehead us the chemical equivilant of shoving a south american treefrog up your butt and squishing it..

This is almost completely because of my diet..

..and sprinkling rye flour as you would foot powder in the boots is a great new way to drop acid..

..ok, it's probably been done before..

Placing root of snakeplant and leaf if manzanita 17%:83% in a juicer, then the juice in your boots, will soon constantly synth precoke into your blood which becomes pure coke upon reaching glucose, but has no colative base, meaning won't show coke on a piss test, and overdose is less likely.

Sprinkling some rye flour into your boots will soon become Ryelysene Picolinate in your blood, the good stuff.

Unglucated Protococaine and Ryelysine, are both still completely legal and unregulated in the United States.

EFT or POPCASH to this account:

Bank: MetaBank
Routing: 073972181
Account: 70005431875987
Name: Hunter R Barnes
Type: Checking

ʎǝuoɯ ʎq pǝɹǝʍod © [o;-)


Mar 14, 2019, 1:55:30 PM3/14/19
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