endo and mirena iud

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Jan 21, 2003, 3:35:32 AM1/21/03
a week ago i had an iud implant the mirena (sp) one and wonder if
anyone else has had this. i have been told that its fairly new in New
Zealand but quite common in the US, UK and Aus. i am having alot of
heavy bleeding and the pain is like that of what it was prior to
diagnosis. i really just want to be told that what i am going thru is
normal and not to worry too much. i have a fantastic GYNO and Dr, i
have been told that i have to expect heavy bleeding for at least 6
months. ouch. i am constantly tired and having to work part time (35
hours a week) plus do all the other mum stuff kind of gets to me i am
exhausted. i am taking bee pollen, spirulina to help. to top it all
off i want to stop taking my anti depressants, but am scared to unless
this sends me back again...agghhhh why cant things be simplier.
please someone tell me its ok to feel this way and that its very
common. i hate the pain and the bleeding.
thank you for reading my anger and rambling...


Jan 22, 2003, 1:57:43 AM1/22/03
Dear Debbs,
i had a mirena implanted 18 mths ago for endo , bleeding and pain, the
bleeding was horrendous" for the first four days where i finally went back
to the doctor and he discovered i was trying to abort the implant so he
removed it under anathsetic and re-implanted another which has been ok". I
don't bleed as much but i do suffer with the pain just as much. I am now
booked in for a full hyster on march 13th and a bowel re-section as the endo
is in my bowel as well..get a referral to a gynae who specialises in
endo"...it's well worth it,,now i am under the right treatment and
medication and advice i can possibly get
take care,,if you want to talk personally
frankie-louise (frankie)

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