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to Magic Rat (Nightsong/Sidhe/etc)

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Oct 30, 1999, 3:00:00 AM10/30/99
At a time when I was going through a lot, and I posted here regarding
"grey mechanical lizards" and such, a person named Magic Rat replied with
very good advice. Is Magic Rat still out there? The email address I
have for her/them does not work. The email was in 1995. I am very
interested in talking to her/them again.

At the time I was posting under "Nightsong and the Sidhe" or some
analogous thing. I am posting under the off-chance that Magic Rat will
see this, or that someone will relay it to them.

Please reply if you are Magic Rat, or relay this to Magic Rat if you know
them. Thank you.
"As he breaks the night to cry, 'It's really me! Really you and really
me. It's so hard for us to really be really you and really me. You'll
lose me though I'm always really free.'" --David Bowie, "The Wild-Eyed
Boy From Freecloud" -*-*- (*)

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