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Jun 23, 2022, 4:10:00 PM (12 days ago) Jun 23
What kinds of proof do you want so as to ascertain that the God of the
Bible is true, real and His warnings must be heeded?

They say that if I could proof that Albert Einstein believes in God
and Jesus then it is sufficient for them.

Albert Einstein revealed that he heard the voice of God, telling him
that his theory was not complete yet. Simply because he was a great
scientist, the entire scientific community dare not criticized him on
his “spiritual” and “superstitious” encounter.

Whether or not one agrees with him, he was heard as saying that Jesus
is no myth. The life story of Jesus is pulsating, as though His
presence cannot be gain-say upon.

At other times, he was supposed to have said that he doesn’t believe
in a personal God, but many interpret on his behalf on what he meant,
as though he believe in nature God.However,he was also making serious
remarks: I am angry that many misquote me. He was a Jew, and he
studied the Bible. Try to make him an atheist all you want, if you
want, or what have you.

They say that if God’s existence can be proven to their likings, then
they will believe.
A devout Muslim man, whose wife was very sick and medical science, had
reached its limit for her. If God, as claimed in the Bible, this Jesus
the Son of God is real and true, then heal my wife just like healed
many as recorded in the bible, and I will believe.

The miracles took place, and he forsakes Islam Faith. He must be
really sincere, honest and objective in trying to find the truth
that’s why he found God. Can pseudo-scientists be able to do
scientific experiments? Can sinister- filled- agenda type of people,
keen on destroying Faith, be able to objectively find evidence on God?

Will you allow a bias and prejudiced nut to receive miracles of God,
one who has no Faith, insincere and keen to mock the Christian Faith?

Will you allow a spy from another country to look at your found-
evidence, your technologies, and your sophisticated machines?

Jesus always says: If I tell you earthly things and you don’t believe,
how to tell you heavenly things? A rich man, toasting in Hell- fire
requested Lazarus, who is safe on Abraham’s bosom, to go back to
earthly life to warn his brothers of such terrible places. Abraham
remarks: if the prophets and the Laws of Moses cannot convince them,
even if you go back, they weren’t be sure either.

Despite the facts that in our day, many people who died actually came
back from the other side to tell us the stories. What did our world to
them who brought us those incredible stories?

Liberal news black out on them, trivialize their testimony.Censored,
despised and poke fun at them. Scrambling to find excuses, and work
our new-found theories to disproved their claims, and so forth.

What kinds of proof do you want? Seeing is believing. If you want the
proof that God will appear before you, in His glories and majesty,
then you are spot on. The Bible says everyone will see Him coming in
the clouds with great power and with many saints, and also Angels.

God said all human will face Him in the Day of Judgment, and they will
account of their deeds. The devils will also be there. Asking for this
proof is logical and sound, and such is coming soon.

Many millions who had died already had seen this proof just that the
timing is different, and it is regrets extend to eternity.

The godless world considered that,’ unless you repent from your sins,
you will go to Hell”, is a kind of threats to get converts into their
fold, for monetary gain and other things. It is a WARNING and they
viewed it so narrowly. In Singapore,” if you carries illegal Drugs,
Heroin,etc,,,”you will be hang by the neck till death.

Some young and naive lad, from foreign countries viewed that as a
threat, with no substance, and they tried to bring in here, they were
caught and they were hanged. Pardon me for calling anyone a” stupid
fool” for not seeing the difference of what constitute a threat and
what is a warning with substance.

God created Adam out of a dust and breathe into him and he became a
living soul. Our body is material, a matter but we have a soul, and we
live in a body. No matter how you study a matter, going through
hundreds of years of experience, it will yield result of that, all
about matter. Since the beginning of time, many tried like
Frankenstein to create life form, many scientists tried that, even
today, but all failed. They prove that they are not God.

Many researchers of physics, biologists, astronomers and wide
varieties of scientific field’s people found God through all those
objective studies. However many is gloating that they are still in
doubts. The latest finds of Stephen Hawkings, of the “God” theory,
instead of those nuts being happy, they became angry and sad. What is
objective, and what are truths? Not all people like to embrace truths,
for Jesus said,” If you want the truths, you will find Me. I am the
Way, Truths, and the life”.

There are long-cut and short-cut to find Jesus, the son of God, whose
words were written;
He was with God and He is God, and nothing that was made without Him.
Jesus is the Lord of lords and King of Kings.

Lord Jesus said,” I hold in my hands the keys of life, and of Hell,
and Death. Such staggering words, no one had come close.

For the big boys in the spiritual world, we are comparing spiritual
things with spiritual.
For the small boys in the physical world, they are comparing matter
with matter. Studying matter and they will reach conclusions all
relating to matters, only.Unless they skip, and jump higher into the
spiritual realms, into the lofty things of God; from there they will
behold the glories of God.

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