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Jan 18, 2001, 5:02:39 PM1/18/01
I was wondering if anyone has every gotten a painful swelling area on
the vulva during a Crohn's flare? My joints are so swollen, I am
debilitated and now I'm developing a really sore, swollen area on my
vulva that I thought at first was a yeastie beastie from the steroids,
but now know it's not that.



Jan 19, 2001, 10:20:26 AM1/19/01
Yes, I've had what you are describing. The doctors basically said it
was a carry over from the CD....the immflamation just spread to that
area. They called 4 other drs. in to "look" as I laid there in the fun.



Jan 19, 2001, 8:30:04 PM1/19/01
Geez! Don't you hate when they bring the world in to look at you while
you are in a "compromising position"??

When I had my last colonoscopy my doctor asked if I minded if one of the
residents "observed" the procedure. I said, "Sure, bring the family!"
I also told him that the next person who wanted to put anything up my
ass was going to mave to PAY ME!


Jan 19, 2001, 11:44:29 PM1/19/01

I've had 8 interns looking up my bazootie at once. When I was finally
diagnosed with CD it was at a teaching hospital in Washington, D.C. My GI
was head of gastroenterology and wanted all these guys (yes, men) to see
what Crohn's looked like as at the time, there was practically nothing known
about it. (1970) That was when I was at my sickest and I weighed 74 lbs.
They didn't have me on the table that tilts; I had to kneel with my arse in
the air and my left shoulder on the table. What a position that was!!!!
Talk about feeling exposed!! Anyway, while they were all taking their turn
looking, my mother and father were in the exam room next door and my mother
later told me that when my father heard me tell them to please hurry, that
it hurt so bad, it was all she could do to keep him there instead of
breaking down the doors to get to me. He was furious. You have to
remember, back then you were not given anything for pain or to relax you.
I still have nightmares about having that colonoscopy!! I actually wake up
in tears and shaking all over. :o(


"Connie" <> wrote in message


Jan 20, 2001, 10:44:55 AM1/20/01
im about beyond feeling ashamed, have had so much put up my butt i know for
sure why i practice the heterosexuel persuasion......
shame is over...if someone wants to stare up my butt, fine by me.....
unless theyre NOT a doctor....


rennoc <> schreef in berichtnieuws


Jan 20, 2001, 5:18:51 PM1/20/01

Someone owes you a LOT of money, or at least a cure! I can't even
imagine what your parents went through watching or hearing that
procedure. I would gladly have 100 doctors poking at me rather than
have one putting my daughter through that.

Peace and love,

Rebecca :-)

Jan 20, 2001, 11:10:07 PM1/20/01
What a horrible experience Linda! Glad we have come a little farther than
that today!

BTW, I had an ERCP a while ago and was *lucky* enough to have someone from
the company (that makes the ERCP machine) watch my procedure to make sure
the machine was working correctly and/or the docs were doing everything
correctly. It still bugs me when I think about it. I wonder if my doc (now
my ex-doc) was more concerned about my exam, or what the guy was writing
down on his clipboard.

Rebecca :-)

Linda <> wrote in message


Jan 21, 2001, 12:11:34 AM1/21/01

My son was only 3 months and my husband was serving in Vietnam at that time
and all I wanted to do was get well. I also can't imagine having my child
go through this!! Mike is now 30 with a family of his own and I still pray
that they will never be affected with this or any other disease. No one
should have to suffer so. As an early CD patient, I was written up in so
many medical papers and studies. I didn't mind that as I would do it all
over again to prevent someone else younger than myself from coming down with
CD. Just please drs, leave out all the butt exams!!!! At least nowadays,
you can be sedated! ;o)

Love, Linda

"Connie" <> wrote in message


Jan 21, 2001, 12:49:41 AM1/21/01

I think it's time for all of us to start charging, other than the doctor,
anyone else that is in the exam room "waiting their turn" to look!!! We
could prolly make alot of $$ <G>

Linda - who would now in her old age tell all those drs that wanted to look
to go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Rebecca :-)" <> wrote in message


Jan 21, 2001, 10:42:08 AM1/21/01

I pray for all of us and future generations that they will find a cure
soon for this and so many other horrible illnesses. I was blessed with
a very, very healthy child and am so grateful. The worst thing she has
had to endure was having her tonsils removed! It nearly killed me to
watch her being rolled into the OR!


Jan 21, 2001, 1:32:30 PM1/21/01
I've solved part of the problem for myself. My GI is part of a teaching
hospital and the medical school. I usually have at least a GI Fellow
examine me in addition to my GI and often some residents or med school
students. I've taken to requesting them all look at one time, making
the exam less painful for me. I want them to learn what a fistula looks
like, but I'm also generally in a lot of pain and wish to avoid as much
as possible.

:) mgbio


Jan 21, 2001, 8:44:24 PM1/21/01

I have been too accomodating I guess. I've had 8 surgeries total, and
everytime it was time to take out stitches I was still in the hospital. I
always had a student nurse assigned to me and she would be the one to take
'em out. You talk about uncomfortable! It
would take them about a half hour to take out 12 to 14 stitches. They would
grab my skin more than my stitches! I'd have a cold cloth on my forehead
from breaking out in a cold sweat and my mother, who with my hubby, was at
all my surgeries and would cringe and keep asking me if I wanted the head
nurse to do it. I always said no as how else was she going to learn? Well,
I survived. <G>

Take care, Linda

"mgbio" <> wrote in message


Jan 24, 2001, 10:32:37 AM1/24/01
I know what you mean about that type of experience. I got CD in 1964 and
also had to be in that is such a horrible humiliating
vulnerable position. I have had experiences that by definition it seems I
have post traumatic stress syndrome and is very similar to the emotions that
kidnap victims have and when I read your feelings I wonder if you have some
of the same symptoms.


"Linda" <> wrote in message


Jan 24, 2001, 9:28:39 PM1/24/01

I'm not sure if I have post traumatic stress syndrome or not. I feel pure
terror when it's time to go to the Gastro Dr. I get cold, then hot, shaky,
shallow breathing, and bad nightmares about yrs ago when I was first
diagnosed and had to go through every invasive test two or three times until
we found a dr that knew what he was talking about. Horrible, just
horrible!!! My husband served in Vietnam on helicopters for a year, injured
by enemy fire even. Yet I am the one who has bad dreams, not him bless his
heart. I'm sorry you went through it all way back when, before they hardly
knew what CD was!! I hope you're doing well now Bonnie. :o)

Hugs, Linda

"Bonnie" <b4d...@nospam.noway> wrote in message


Jan 25, 2001, 8:26:05 AM1/25/01
I am doing well Linda. I had an ileostomy in 1975 and have not had CD since
except in the rectal stump which I had removed about 3 years ago. I do have
things wrong due to the ileostomy though...mostly nutritional related

Maybe I will research the symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome. I am
so glad your husband hasn't had to deal with those symptoms!


"Linda" <> wrote in message



Jan 25, 2001, 11:54:06 PM1/25/01
Hi Bonnie,

I'm very grateful Greg doesn't have any problems since Vietnam. He has
always said very little about his time there. As an example: He used to go
hunting all the time, since he was 12, and after Vietnam, he never picked up
a another gun. When I had asked him why, as our son wanted to learn to
hunt when he was a teenager, Greg said there'd been enough killing!!!! I
never asked him that again. I know he thinks about it at times, but he's
very, very strong emotionally. Has really got his act together, thank God.
About 8 months after his return from Vietnam, he and I had a couple few(?)
beers and it was after midnight when he started telling me the things he saw
and did, or was involved in over there. He talked for about 5 hrs! And I
just listened. The worse part for me was him earning a Purple Heart
(injured soldier ). He was hit when enemy fire blew up the rocket pod on
the opposite side of him in the helicopter and a piece of it went in his
side missing his lung by about 1/2 inch. God had to be looking out for him
as I had just had our son 10 days before!! His buddies had tied the piece
of metal on some rawhide for him to wear around his neck! Real wackos they
were. I met a bunch of them at their helicopter unit reunion. That piece
of metal was about 2"x3"x1/2" thick. Our *talk* was probably very
theraputic for him. It must have been hell, pure hell for him and all the
other "kids" that went overseas during that time. Greg and I have been
through alot to say the least, but our marriage is and always has been
really strong, right from the beginning. BTW, he was drafted only 8 months
after we married at 19; had dated since we were 16! Childhood sweethearts -
<3 <3 <3 !! I'm convinced that only death will separate us. :o)

Hugs, Linda - who didn't mean to go on and on, hehe. I'm good at that -
think it's called rambling!!

"Bonnie" <b4d...@nospam.noway> wrote in message



Jan 26, 2001, 7:39:46 AM1/26/01
Thanks for sharing Linda! You are so fortunate to have a wonderful marriage
to a childhood sweetheart. I am glad God spared him in Vietnam.

who is still looking for true love

"Linda" <> wrote in message


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