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Jun 9, 2022, 7:33:15 PMJun 9
MAYBE young men in the U.S. will start taking birth control more seriously if/when Roe falls, but we can't count on that. (Right now, it can be hard enough just to get men to pay for the condoms half the time.)

So here's my suggestion.

When young men complain that they don't like condoms, that they're sick and tired of using them, or that a woman who's on the Pill doesn't need an additional contraceptive (which is FALSE; the Pill has a real-life failure rate of 5%), women need to start saying "there's no way I'm getting pregnant unless I want to, 1,000 percent. Therefore, we have to use at least two contraceptives every single time until then. So, either we can keep using condoms - I'll even pay for them - OR you and I can go to my doctor and we can figure out which two contraceptives to use, but YOU will pay for half the total cost. Which do you want?"

Granted, some men would rather break up the relationship than make such a choice - but those men were going to leave eventually anyway, right?

Btw, all this came to mind when I happened to see this:

"Why do so many people have kids when it’s SOOOO easy to just not?"


Thankfully, as many commentators pointed out, for most women in the world, it's NOT easy to avoid having babies. Even if you're a celibate adult, you may well be shunned for refusing to follow the script. And even in the U.S., getting access to good, safe birth control isn't always easy either.

On top of all that, a woman has about 30 years of fertility. It should be obvious that that's a long time to go without several slip-ups - even if she only has sex an average of 12 times a year! (With that in mind, it's kind of surprising that ONLY half of all pregnancies are unplanned.)

Anastasia Schipper

Jun 24, 2022, 4:29:32 PMJun 24
These sound like great ideas. Especially since Roe has officially fallen
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