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Nomen Nescio

May 8, 2017, 7:00:43 AM5/8/17
I hate my kids.

I popped out three of those
little crotch-droppings, and
I hate all of them.

Pregnancy was horrible, and
birth was worse. Those brats
totally blew out my pussy.
And the doctor gave me an
episiotomy all the way to
my bunghole.

I used to have multiple orgasms,
but the kids ruined that. I
feel like such a victim.

Naturally, since I am the victim,
I had a right to defend myself.

This means that I loved to
beat the crap out of my three
children, for years and years.

For example, I enjoyed filling
up the sink with water, and
holding my child's head under it,
just for fun.

I also enjoyed grabbing my child,
and slamming their head on the
wall. That sure helped me to feel
big and tough.

I enjoyed beating my kids with

I enjoyed punching my kids in
the face, with my fist.

I enjoyed telling my kids what
worthless, stupid, ugly pieces
of shit they all are.

But I am the victim here.

First, I am the victim of
having children. They victimized
me with their existance. I had
zero personal responsibility
in this matter.

Also, I am the victim of those
evil, horrible, childfree people.

You all victimize me by the
fact that you have avoided the
misery that I experienced.

You all suck.

I hate you, just like I hate
my kids.

I wanna beat you, just like
the way that I beat my kids.


Thelma Marie Smith

114 1/2 Walnut St NE
Decatur AL 35601-1748

(256) 686-1307

(256) 584-0238

Date Of Birth June 20, 1945
Place Of Birth Akron, OH
Maiden Name Thelma Marie Covin
Mothers Maiden Name Booker
Former Husband Jackson Ellis Smith
of Grand Prairie TX

Anastasia M Schipper

May 2, 2022, 11:38:19 AMMay 2
Here's a question, Why couldn't you use birth control? Why couldn't you at least abort the pregnancy/ies in order to prevent tragedies like this? Your kids never chose to be born.
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