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Nov 26, 2007, 9:34:17 PM11/26/07
Worms may offer treatments for multiple diseases, including cancer

Posted November 20th, 2007 by Mohit Joshi

Health Update Washington
Washington, November 20 : It sounds a bit bizarre, but worms can be a
potential source of chemical compounds that may help battle harmful

Sun Zhenjun, a scientist at China Agricultural University in Beijing,
says that traditional Chinese medicine practitioners included worms in
their preparations for centuries.

The researcher, who describes the insect treatments as "cold" and
"slightly salty", thinks that worms may offer viable treatments for
almost every disease ranging from herpes to cancer.

During their study, the researchers obtained cancerous cells from
China-Japan Friendship Hospital, and introduced them to worm tissues
and fluids. Their experiment showed "significant" change, with many of
the cancer cells dying.

Talking to Discovery News, Zhenjun revealed that his team has also
discovered that worm compounds, specifically some complex
carbohydrates and protein components, "have antibacterial functions".

The researchers also mixed human-infecting bacteria like E. coli,
staph, pneumonia, candida etc. with the worm compounds.

It was found that the worm goo had the potential to kill each of the

The researchers also found that the worm compound could kill
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an extremely harmful bacteria that is
naturally resistant to penicillin and most other antibiotics.

Zhenjun and his colleagues are now working on isolating the most
powerful anti-cancer and antibacterial agents in worms, which they
hope to synthesize for human use in future.

The study will be published in the journal Soil Biology. (ANI)


Any connection here ?


Title: Application of natural materials in marine paint formulations
Author(s): A.B. Tadros
Journal: Pigment & Resin Technology
ISSN: 0369-9420
Year: 2005 Volume: 34 Issue: 6 Page: 340 - 346
DOI: 10.1108/03699420510630363
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Purpose -
Trials to develop environmentally friendly marine paints based on
natural materials as replacement for copper and tin compounds for
fouling and marine corrosion control.
Design/methodology/approach -
Green algae, tubeworms in dead powder form and garlic were used as
natural anti-fouling components in the paints developed.
Electrochemical technique was employed for testing the potential of
both tubeworms and garlic in terms of inhibition of steel corrosion in
seawater. Marine paint formulations containing each of the three
selected natural materials were applied onto PVC and un-primed steel
surface, which were immersed in natural seawater for the assessment of
their anti-fouling and anti-corrosion properties. The results of
visual assessment and seawater analysis were also used for such an
Findings -
Tubeworms act as mixed type inhibitor while garlic affects the
potential cathodic process of steel in seawater. Tubeworms-based
paint, with 25 per cent in the dry paint film, could protect steel
surface from marine corrosion up to 7 months. The paints containing
algae and garlic, and the corresponding algae/garlic free paints,
resisted slime film formation. Steel and PVC coated surfaces with
paint containing algae showed the best anti-fouling potential within
the prepared series.
Research limitations\implications -
The investigation only involved the application of the dead form of
green algae and tubeworms as effective pigments in the developed
paints. It is recommended that further research should focus on
extracting and identifying the active components in each organism
against fouling and marine corrosion.
Practical implications -
The paint formulations developed (containing 25 per cent by weight
tubeworms in the paint film) could be used to protect un-primed steel
surface against fouling and marine corrosion for a reasonably long
Originality/value -
The application of one paint formulation on un-primed steel surface
for its protection from both fouling and marine corrosion is novel.
The electrochemical studies of steel in natural seawater in presence
of tubeworms and garlic are original.
Keywords: Corrosion, Corrosion protection, Marine biology, Micro-
organisms, Paints
Article Type: Research paper
Article URL:


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