Yet Another Problem for Older Gay Men: "Internalized Gay Ageism"

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Mattew Henry

Dec 15, 2015, 12:18:05 PM12/15/15
Absolutely. Add "fat" to that too.

“These men have traversed unparalleled, personally relevant historical
changes across their adult lives and have paved the way for younger
generations of sexual minorities to live in a time of less
institutionalized discrimination,” they write in the conclusion. “Still,
they are subject to feeling socially invisible and depreciated in their
later years, especially within the gay male community.”

And this passage in particular hit close to home. I've been out for
twenty-four years. I took a lot of grief, and could have easily closeted
and passed, and just let things happen. But I wanted to make a better
world, so younger people wouldn't have to endure what I did. So yeah, it
irks me when I'm rendered worthless in LGBT space--and I'm not afraid to
risk voicing that irkedness when younger people try to render me non

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