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Feb 22, 2020, 11:28:59 AM2/22/20
Nym shifting troll, aka Watt Mcgregor wrote:
> Python wrote:
>>>>> [1] You watching, Slow Boy? Here's a chance to practice joining the
>>>>> dots.
>>>> still areas, hard measurable to quantify exactly. It's all about
>>>> checking the validity of the theory at *_different angles_* of the
>>>> *triangle*, you idiot.
>>> You didn't understand it, huh? No surprise.
>> How kooks and cranks here are unable to recognize each others will
>> always amazed me...
> another severe retarded imbecile on the rampage, named "python"(!!) not
> undrrestanding what is going on. But this will not make him keeping his
> stupid mouth shut.

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Stupid, idiot, self immolating nym-shifting troll...

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