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Apr 16, 2021, 8:14:34 PMApr 16
On Fri, 16 Apr 2021 21:59:38 +0000 (UTC), anti-vaxxer shithead Buck
Butler <> wrote:

>exposed inbreed cretin Roman the Foreskin PEELER wrote:
>>>wondreful, admitting you can't even read and undrestand engils,
>> You can't even WRITE 'engils', you stupid shit. Wondreful[sic]!
>wow, this imbecile with a dick in his mouth, talking ferociously in
>*_alt.morons_*, don't undrestand the wondreful engilsh.

Wow, this illiterate ape, with two dicks in his mouth and three in his
anus, babbles about 'undrestanding' the 'wondreful engilsh'!

>>>you braindead, brainwashed, lying son of the bitch. We have your vpn
>>>data and shit, and you'll get your "vaccines" your ass through. The flu
>>>always is been "pandemic", idiot.
>> I hope you end up gasping for every breath on a respirator for the rest
>> of your miserable cretinous life, shithead!
>Keep your stinking mouth shut, imbecile, you are not allowed to talk. The
>empirical data and the scientific method is saying it. You stupid bag of
>sub-human excrement. Bake your bread over it.

DIE, you braindead piece of infected shite, DIE....but die

>Covid 19 simply does not exist & is fictitious. That's why we're suing
>the CDC for covid 19 fraud!

Good luck with that, shithead!
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