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Feb 22, 2020, 1:06:56 PM2/22/20
On 2/22/2020 12:02 PM, Watt Mcgregor wrote:
> jimp wrote:
>>>>>> Mindless babble; you are shown to be utterly clueless by the
>>>>>> dictionary.
>>>>> so well you guys default to dictionaries, there's no need to use your
>>>>> brain. Get out of here.
>>>> Yeah, reference books where things are defined and not made up or
>>>> pulled out of one's ass...
>>> certainly true, but having nothing to do with ctrl-c as invention. Kb
>>> macros are been used by people before him.
>> Nothing you have written has anything in the slightest to do with copy
>> and paste, clueless idiot.
>> Tesler conceived the idea of cut, copy and paste and wrote the first
>> code that performed those actions.
> what a jackshit imbecile, knowing nothing about science and computers.
> Copy algorithms are used even before appearance of computers. I really
> feel insulted talking with a moron like you.

used to cut, copy and paste, then copy again, all paper, with wills. yep.
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