sex-related trauma healed globally; also sins back in Pandora's Box

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David Dalton

Oct 20, 2022, 12:05:17 AM10/20/22
My latest attempt at instigating a global new age is described
on the thread “even more ambiguous" on alt.religion.druid.
I no longer am saying that Goddess/God is definitely my main
collaborator but that my collaborators are ambiguous,
and, to keep atheists happy, that I even have to allow
for the possibility that I am doing it without collaborators.

As part of it I funnelled tendencies to sin that I
have exhibited, including low level pedophilic
attraction at times, to be adjusted for me and
others who have exhibited them. This has now been
done so pedophilia should now be cured. Those
with a mild case might just note no attraction now,
those with a medium case might sense a damping effect,
and those with a severe case (and who might have
grown to like it) should experience a deterrent effect.
This funnel adjustment was supposedly complete
at 0109 UTC October 20, 2022.

After that I also did a mass soul fragment
retrieval to heal sex-related trauma, including
intergenerational effects, in humans, cetaceans,
and nonhumansimians globally, including myself,
as of 0116 UTC October 20, 2022.

Follow up and let me and other readers know if you
notice effects.

I am reporting my latest/ongoing progress on alt.religion.druid
and will more quickly respond to questions there.

However note that there are other types of trauma than
sex-related trauma that have not yet been healed, and
those can be healed by 1--1 up close, with permission,
soul fragment retrieval performed by me or one of
1.7 million human assisted shaktipat recipients globally
(see the Recent Changes subpage of my Salmon on
the Thorns webpage for a descriptive list of those).
To do 1--1 soul fragment retrieval I visualize the patient
in my mind’s eye and see/feel/sense a dark patch on
his or her soul, and then locate a bright patch at the
site where the trauma occurred and direct it to fill in
and brighten up the dark patch.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"And I know the young man with a century's face/A philosopher king - he
will try to amaze/With examples of love and examples of hate" (T. Tikaram)

David Dalton

Oct 23, 2022, 1:59:22 AM10/23/22
In article <0001HW.2901007B00...@>,
I tried again, as we approach new (dark) moon, ending at
0549 UTC October 23, 2022.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"Early morning jubilators; Up to no good instigators; ... Sons of long
forgotten races; That the darkest night embraces." (Ron Hynes & D.O'D.)

David Dalton

Oct 25, 2022, 1:49:01 AM10/25/22
On Oct 23, 2022, David Dalton wrote
(in article<>):
It seems I had to wait until closer to the exact time of
dark moon. I tried again, ending at
0523 UTC October 25, 2022.

David Dalton

Oct 26, 2022, 2:46:57 AM10/26/22
In article <0001HW.2907B04B00...@>,
That last attempt didn't work, but I have tried again on the extremely
early waxing crescent side of dark moon, and the funnel adjustments
and mass soul fragment retrieval were supposedly complete
at 0417 UTC October 26, 2022.

For details see the thread
"new beginnings at early waxing crescent"
on at.religion.druid .

David Dalton

Nov 6, 2022, 6:45:52 AM11/6/22
In article <0001HW.2901007B00...@>,
David Dalton <> wrote:

I tried again, ending at 1134 UTC November 6, 2022.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"I'm on my way/And I must flag the last train down" (Bill Bourne - Baggins)
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