Eternal Beauty

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Aug 15, 2010, 9:37:20 AM8/15/10
How would you like to have eternal beauty, perfect health and fitness as
a mortal while living on earth? Go to for further
instructions. There is no charge at all for these medical services
and treatments, though extensive alteration inclusive of changes in hair
color, eye color, skin color, body shape, height, weight, physical
skill, sexual levels, facial features, etc., may require public
service on your part.

Sign up now or visit my intake facilities in Hawaii for orientation.
The waiting list is short now, but once this gets out, it will be a lot
longer, mostly because the seriously ill, dying and in pain, will
receive preferential admission to "plastic surgery" equivalency.

For the record, no plastic surgery is offered. You do not have to pray
to Jesus or any other god for this. There is no exchange of money nor
servitude for this. Currently, no human earth based patients
have accepted this offer. Maybe, you will be the first.

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