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David Dalton

Mar 30, 2020, 12:52:20 AM3/30/20
The relevance to these groups is explained in the
paragraph starting with "So stage 4..." below.

Those who have read my recent threads will know that
I have been negotiating with ALL by perineum click
(short period mula bandha) divination (no voices).

However, to allow for the possibility that
all/everything is not a someone, I have
decided to negotiate with God, defined as
the all-governing someone. But if
all/everything is a someone named ALL,
it is obviously all-governing and then
God would be the same as ALL.

The definition of God as all-governing
agrees with the Nicene Creed since the Greek
word in the Nicene Creed that is often
translated as almighty or all-powerful
actually means all-governing. But I have
not resumed being a Catholic, and am still
a polytheistic individual neopagan with
top deity God and seven other main deities
including Gaia, Sola, and Luna, and some
minor deities.

Given that, I am now trying to get God to
deliver assisted shaktipat to many (over a million)
worldwide, including those ordained by God
(even if they do not worship God),
those ordained by human or humans to
bishop level or equivalent (the lowest
level that can ordain to level[s] below him
or her) or higher, readers of at least
8000 words of my writing, and a few more

Recipients of the assisted shaktipat should
gain all of my current abilities (including
soul fragment retrieval for treating
trauma-related disorders including PTSD),
plus matchmaking (which I had from late
March 8 to early March 20, 2019), plus
they should come into a period of permanent
lightening and sustained productive creativity
(which I am not in yet but hope to be when
I come out of my low years). In addition they
also have any special abilities they had before
receiving assisted shaktipat, so in general
will have more than me. And they should
experience a perineum click (or possibly
base of cervix contraction for women?),
so short period mula bandha, immediately
followed by a shakti/kundalini
buzz/rush/wave, as closure to magickal
workings that they perform/attempt.

God is delivering the assisted shaktipat in
four stages separated from stage to stage
by about 24 hours. The first stage included
cetacean recipients, nonhumansimian recipients,
and human recipients in tribal religion, shamanistic
religion, traditional native spirituality,
and traditional paganism. The second stage
included recipients in neopaganism,
heathenism, new age religion, and
Chinese folk religion (and similar).
The third stage included recipients in all other
belief systems other than Christianity, Islam,
Hinduism, Buddhism, and the non-religious (which
I define as atheist, agnostic, or secular humanist).
The fourth stage, which is in progress right now,
is all remaining recipients.

So stage 4 includes recipients in Islam, which
explains the relevance to the five groups that
this is crossposted to. I estimate that delivery
to stage 4 will be complete by about 0900 GMT/UTC
March 30, 2020. Stage 4 is probably the
largest group of recipients.

Why do I think I have the ear of God? I am
the latest avatar type, by which I mean
someone similar to those who have been
called avatars, including Quetzalcoatl,
Rama, Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus, and some
who have not been called avatars, such as Jacob,
Moses, and Taliesin. The main evidence for that is my
sun stare, naked thorn hill climb, and blue rose
vision of Sept. 5/6, 1991. Details of that and
other evidence is on my Salmon on the Thorns
web page.

However I am not planning to found a new religion
but instead provide glue for the global mosaic.
ANd I am not pushing my personal religious
beliefs but rather some nonreligious messages
listed on that web page (which is now a bit
out of date, since I need to replace ALL with
God in the deities subpage).

I am also trying to instigate sudden magickal evolution
(including of adults), including a COVID-19 immunity/cure.
Of course, though I claim to have some special abilities,
I am not capable of doing the shaktipat to over a million
recipients or causing the sudden magickal evolution on
my own, and if it works I will give
most of the credit to God, though I hope to be
able to give a possible if not proven scientific
explanation for the benefit of atheists eventually.

However given my track record, it is unlikely to
work, and may not work until after I come out
of my low/wilderness years into a period of
lightening/centred clarity and sustained
productive creativity, if then. It could
be that currently I am forsaken and that
after I come into awakening/enlightenment
(which would effectively be a resurrection
from the low years) the magickal workings
invoking God (effectively a complicated
prayer in which I have done a lot of the
groundwork) might work.

If this attempt does not work, with the definition
of God as the all-governing someone, I may have
to consider redefining God as the creator of
what many modern cosmologists believe began
with the Big Bang, which (the what) I believe
is a subset of all/everything, and then try
again. That would be in line with Genesis.

David Dalton dal...@nfld.com http://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page)
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"And the cart is on a wheel/And the wheel is on a hill/And the
hill is shifting sand/And inside these laws we stand" (Ferron)

David Dalton

Mar 30, 2020, 2:52:43 AM3/30/20
In article
David Dalton <dalto...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I am also trying to instigate sudden magickal evolution
> (including of adults), including a COVID-19 immunity/cure.

It has been accepted, and I hope the immunity/cure will
take effect by full moon/Passover. If it works I will
give most of the credit to God.
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