Jacob, Moses, Jesus popthroughs coming soon

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David Dalton

Apr 11, 2019, 1:34:58 AM4/11/19
My four components (global new age onset mackickal workings) are
coming on now. I also refer to them as an opening of the way,
this time in a global region.

One of the components is the popthrough component, whereby past
openings of the way by past avatar types generally on smaller than
global regions are reactivated and expanded to cover some, including
believers in the past avatar type, in my global region.

The popthroughs are coming on from largest region of overlap
(of the original region with my region) to smallest region of overlap,
and if there is a tie in size of region of overlap, reverse chronological
within the tie. The popthroughs go back as far as 11,000 years ago.

I think the Jesus popthrough will occur within the next day or so,
and can be viewed as a return of Jesus of sorts, and will affect
Christians, Muslims, Baha’i and any others who revere Jesus,
as well as those now living in Jesus’s original region, and
those descended from those in his region when his original
opening of the way became fully on.

There will also be Jacob and Moses popthroughs which will cover
the above plus Jews. However, unless someone presents
me with evidence, such as e.g, Mohammed having had a
blue rose vision, I don’t think Mohammed was an avatar type
but rather a prophet/guru/missionary type. I reached that
conclusion since he married when young, was said to have
received revelation, spread his religion by the sword, and
married an underage girl. I also don’t think the
Baha’u’llah was an avatar type, both from his life details
and the sunspot cycle details of his day.

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