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Oct 27, 1994, 3:47:17 PM10/27/94
Here's an idea: think of one of your buddy's names,
and use it in place of words in movie lines. What
great stoopid fun.

Here goes:

"My god, it's full of BOB." --2001

"You talkin' to me, BOB?" --TAXI DRIVER

"Aye, Captain, she can't BOB much more!" --STAR TREK

"Use the BOB, Luke."
"The BOB is strong in this one." --STAR WARS

"Hasta la vista, BOB." --TERMINATOR 2

"Well, I like to wear BOB's clothes." --ED WOOD

"BOB over, man. BOB over!" --ALIENS

"Where does he get those wonderful BOBs?" --BATMAN

"Heeere's Bobby!" --THE SHINING

"A candle that BOB's twice as bright, BOB's half as long.
And you have BOBBED so very brightly, Roy."
"Wake up, time to BOB." ---BLADERUNNER

"America is not a young land. America is BOB and dirty."

"Go ahead, BOB my day." ---(one of the) DIRTY HARRY (movies)

"Yeah! And BOBs might fly out of my butt!" --WAYNE'S WORLD

"That's the fact BOB!" --STRIPES

"Oh my god, you have a BOB-Rex. They have a BOB-Rex."

"Yo, Bob." --ROCKY

"Yo, BOB." --ROCKY


"BOB, yo." --ROCKY IV

"They coming to get you BOB-bra!" --DAWN OF THE DEAD

"Get yer filthy BOBs off me, you damn dirty apes."

and here are your answers, in case you don't know the lines

stars, punk, take, force, baby, women, game, toys, Johnny,

burns, old, make, monkies, jack, T, Adrian, Adrian, Adrian,

Adrian, Barbara, hands(?)

Also, can someone give me the recipe for ice, i've seemed
to have lost my mother's.

Chadwick Brice Owen

Oct 27, 1994, 5:39:50 PM10/27/94
Recipe for ice? Ok. Here goes.
Go to the local Mom & Pop store and buy yourself an atomic
collider. (If that doesn't work, come see me at UVA. I work
at our reactor, but that's another story for alt.stupidity.)
Now, run out and buy yourself a couple of canisters of Hydrogen
and Oxygen. Now, what you want to do is put twice as much
hydrogen as oxygen into the collider. Now, DO NOT set the
collider to "collide" as that will more than likely cause the
hydrogen atoms to collide, creating a fusion reaction that will
wipe out Richmond, Petersburg, etc. all around, and give me a
wierd orange suntan here in Charlottesville. Just turn the
dial to "Lo" and the reaction should form H2O. Now, put the
entire collider in the freezer for about 3 hours. Then, peel
off the collider with your handy-dandy "Jaws of Life" and you
should have a nice block of ice to play with. Enjoy.

Well, you asked.

Prof. Peter Onuf: "Chadwick Brice Owen? With a name like
that, you have to have a II or a III behind it."

Me: "Uh...huh-huh...huh-huh...yeah...uh...huh-huh...that was

Wick of UVA:"My opinions are like assholes...they're all over
the place."

William Wilkinson

Oct 28, 1994, 8:21:35 AM10/28/94
cabbage writes:

>burns, old, make, monkies, jack, T, Adrian, Adrian, Adrian,


Is this some kind of spam?

Disclaimer: All opinions are mine.

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