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Dr. Taylor Is now taking new sex patients- 888538-0629

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Taylor Psk

Nov 28, 2022, 11:09:46 PM11/28/22
Didn't make an appointment?
It's okay, you don't need one, just step right in and sit. Tell me your ailments and what brings you to me. You clicked, right? I want you to tell me when this all started, take me to the root of it all. I will examine you from top to bottom, front to back and rest assured I won't miss a spot. I will handle you how I see fit after evaluation. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged.
Services by Dr. Taylor

Prostate examination
Small cock assessment
Psychological evaluations
Chronic Masturbation Therapy
Cum evaluation
Doctor/patient relationship.....only for the deserving
Wax play
Medical bondage
Encouraged Gay/Bi
Kink advice
Ruined Orgasms
…..and more
Have you been a good patient thus far?

When you call, please ask for Dr. Taylor and state your preferred name (this is what I will call you from here on out) You will be safe in my practice. For my devoted ones who want a deeper connection with their favorite Dr. Taylor, you will be considered. Don't forget to show your gratitude. With that being said please cum ready to play. Have your toys ready upon check in. Don't be late!
Starts now so hurry up and call my practice 888-538-0629
Always starts at $20 for 10 minutes and if your a great patient I may let you stay longer.
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