Generic Remote: has anyone programmed theeir own?

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Aug 3, 2001, 6:17:55 PM8/3/01
I would like to know if anyone has programmed their own generic remote and
if so what are you using as a control surface?
I am a Roland U-8 user and have noticed the very limited features in the
current Cubase 5. I am would like to program my own but have come across 1
major problem from Steinberg side: No support for Sysex. in the generic
remote. I am actually very suprised since I know many digital mixers only
transmit SYSEX messages and you therefore wouldn't be able to use these
I took a look at a demo of Sonar and noticed that in their console view that
you can use SYSEX to automate their console. Cubase programmers take note:
their seems to be competition.

is anyone else in the same boat as me, and has anyone possibly used the
sysex in sonar?

Kevin Cannone

Nov 18, 2019, 10:20:11 AM11/18/19
HI I'm desperately looking for the cubase controller install software that comes with the Roland u-8 u8!
I have my u-8 functioning with XP on a laptop and am short of the u-8 tuner and u-8 controller applications to interface with cubase!

Please if you have the software please make a copy to transfer to drop box or google drive please!!

alternately a controller mapping import for u-8 on cubase plz.

Thank you most kindly!
Marek in pretoria
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