Tatort ('Crime Scene' The Pot') Der Pott 217th episode 20x3 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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bruce bowser

Jan 21, 2022, 7:05:03 PMJan 21
STORY LINE (in english):  
'Following a talk on 1938 results of police findings in some book, the camera turns to a Duisburg steel factory dispute involving strikers.  

'The plant occupants protest against the threat of job cuts.  This action is not legitimized by the union and is carried out by the workers of the plant on their own.  The population supports the occupants with donations that are to be presented to the public at a protest rally in the plant.  This “pot” of money is 'with more than half a million marks was stolen in a robbery shortly before this presentation.  The strike is thus on the brink of financial failure.

Former Duisburg police high commissioner Christian Thanner is starting his new job at a branch of the BKA (Federal Criminal Police) Office in Bonn rather than in Wiesbaden as he had earlier thought about, because of the then political circumstances, apparently as stated. 

Something having to do with steel negotiations where now suddenly, a federal police presence might be needed - in Duisburg of all places.

Meanwhile, Duisburg police high commissioner Horst Schimanski is looking after a corpse that was found in a' 'garden near a workers' settlement in Duisburg-Hochfeld, where mainly families of the steel mill workers live. 

Schimanski is there with his boss, Duisburg police board member Karl Königsberg.  The autopsy of the corpse shows that the murder must have been an outright execution.  The dead man is Günther Broegger, one of the people attacked' at the steel plant. 'Initial investigations reveal that Broegger was apparently a shady character.  The file on him is read aloud by Königsberg showing that psychological or neuropsychological 
evaluations may have been performed and results collected prior to the man's death.

So, because Thanner has moved to Bonn, Schimanski' has to work with 'Jo Wilms from the robbery department as a provisional partner, as he is the responsible investigator in the case of the stolen money and the cases' are now moving parallel.'  They are shown at partially computerized shooting practice.

'In the course of further investigations' in this class conscious environment, 'a member of the above-mentioned BKA branch is in the vicinity of the strikers appears again and again.  He seems to be conspicuously interested in Broegger. 

Schimanski and the Duisburg local police' are also there clashing with the federal forces over turf.  Schimanski's new buddy Wilms told Schimanski during drinks that this was a 'robbery of the workers', vehemently.  "Us as well? says Schimanski, too?  Then, Wilms turns to Schimanski angrily and says: 'I have to go piss".  

Right then there are 'the two petty criminals Struppek and Golonska breaking in to 'Broegger's apartment, who have apparently been looking for something and Schimanski across the way happens to see flashlight moving around in that apartment.  So he goes over there with a gun.  Struppek escapes and both' eventually 'have an alibi for Broegger's murder.'  After a call from Thanner, 'Schimanski then asks Thanner to research the matter for him in Bonn, since the BKA apparently also' seem to have 'an interest in the case. 

In the meantime,' after a missing person's report goes out looking for Struppek, 'the strikers get their hands on Struppek and want to force him to confess.  The comissioners Schimanski and Wilms let themselves be smuggled into the plant and take Struppek - already been badly beaten by three workers - 'with them.  Since, Struppek also provides an alibi for the attack, he is initially let go, but stays in touch with Schimanski and is caught too, by Golonska.  However, upon closer examination of the alibi by the police, the alibi collapses.  

Later, Struppek wants to' confess to more of what he knows, but 'is then killed by Golonska.  Since, there are no witnesses for this, Schimanski and Wilms can only elicit a confession of theft from him.  During the interrogation, Golonska says that Broegger hired the two petty criminals to carry out the robbery, which Schimanski can hardly believe, since Broegger was the workforce's shop steward.

Since the motive for the murder of Broegger now points to' the half 'million in theft, the aim is to investigate in the direction of the strikers. 

Thanner informs Schimanski that Broegger was obviously listed in a confidential database of the BKA.  A financial account statement leads Schimanski and Thanner to a bank in Bonn, which provides information that Broegger received regular payments from the BKA.  So, Broegger was an undercover agent of these federal police,' possibly 'introduced for spying on the workforce in Western steel.  The pot' of stolen money 'is after all 'in the care of the BKA. 

In addition, it emerges from Thanner that Schimanski's new co-worker Wilms must have known about the murdered man's Duisburg activity as traitors, but for some reason withheld this information from Schimanski.

While Thanner is' caught there helping Schimanski and is 'later fired for helping Schimanski's Duisburg investigation Schimanski learns that the robbery probably came about on Broegger's own initiative, Schimanski confronts Wilms with his suspicion that he is the murderer.'

'Schimanski checks the bullets that Wilms fired' near the ground.  'The forensic investigation reveals that the murder weapon must have been a different one. 

Schimanski remembers a target practice' session 'with Wilms, during which Wilms secretly switched their weapons. Schimanski has his weapon (which is actually Wilms') checked, and it is actually the murder weapon. 

Finally, Schimanski and Thanner who've returned to Duisburg confront Wilms with the facts. Wilms admits the murder of Broegger.'  Wilms 'describes Broegger as a traitor. 

When Wilms shoots Thanner, Schimanski kills Wilms with a shot in the stomach at the point where Wilms' father, who was previously released from the steelworks, hanged himself.' 

As It turns out to them all, 'Wilms had planned this shooting so that the factory squatters who had his life insurance can collect in the amount of 700,000 marks', though its insurance payment. 'The' original stolen amount 'is lost however, as the BKA insists on keeping Broegger's activities secret, they only want to return the money to the union, who rejects it.'

SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')   

Book by Axel Götz and Thomas Wesskamp
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