Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Poor Nanosh'- english) Armer Nanosh 220th episode, 20x1 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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STORY LINE (in english):
'Valentin Sander, who is called Nanosh by his family of gypsy background, is a respected' store owner and gallery owner and citizen of Hamburg.  'He and one of his sons named Georg are very romantically 'enthusiastic about an artist named Ragna Juhl.  Valentin exhibits Ragna's pictures and sculptures in a gallery in his store.  

Valentin's wife is not at all enthusiastic about this.

Also, Valentin has recently been at odds with his supplier who is named Bleichertz.  Bleichertz is also advertising for Ragna Juhl.  

When the situation comes to a head, Sander leaves his wife because of the artist' Ragna and he moves in with Ragna.  He practices sculpting himself.  But, it doesn't take long and they get into an argument.  Ragna feels hemmed in by Valentin and he only wants her to himself.  Valentin knows that his son Georg is also in love with Ragna.  When Valentin is mad at her, he holds the scultping knife at her like he's going to attack her, sometimes.  After an argument one night, Valentin leaves and sees Georg going upstairs to Valentin's apartment where Ragna is.

Later, Valentin's uncle Yanko,' sends for and his nephew Nanosh to come to him in a trailer park with several other Gypsies'.  Before leaving the apartment, one of the men goes back and takes Valentin's keys with him.  Then at the trailer park, Yanko says that after hearing on a police channel Ragna Juhl had been found dead.  He then 'advises Valentin to leave the country.  "I can force you to do this" Yanko tells Valentin.  Since, Nanosh was still with her that evening and has no alibi the police will in his opinion, suspect him.  Before Sander can agree, the police appear in that trailer park and look for Valentin, so he is forced into hiding.

Hamburg police high commissioners Paul Stoever and Peter Brockmöller learn from executives at the store like Ms. Stoll and Mr. Frohwein that Sander's eldest son Moritz is in a low-profile, quiet 'campaign to take over his business in the store.  

The company executive who has been televising everything on tape, Frohwein, is shocked and fears that the banks will withdraw their loans and bankruptcy threatens.  

From' questioning 'Frohwein, the investigators learn' more 'details from Valentin's past.  A wealthy merchant had adopted Valentin and saved him from being' detained by 'the Third Reich government.  His biological father had' not survived being in 'the concentration camp of by the National Socialists so his uncle Yanko became the head of a group of Gypsies he identified with.  

However, Yanko is upset that his nephew seems to have turned away from some of his ethnic background.  Especially, since Yanko promised Nanosh's father at the time that his son would later take on the leading role within that clan of Gypsies.

Stoever and Brockmöller look at Frohwein's TV  footage of Sander and his family and friends, including confrontations.  Stoever decides that he 'wants to use the solidarity of the gypsies to find Sander.  He quickly arrests Valentin's son Georg under suspicion of murder and hopes that his father will turn himself in.  The plan is working. 

Valentin Sander appears at the police station and confesses to the murder, which he regards as more of an accident.  They go back to the apartment where the crime happened and Ragna was murdered.  Valentin explains how he killed her.  For Stoever, the confession also resulted in contradictions.  Also, Valentin is even smiling and almost happy as he goes through the Ragna relationship with Stoever and Brockmöller. 

Stoever looks again at the company executive, Frohwein with more questions.  He had met him as an ambitious employee.  Stoever speculate about his feelings as they look at more television recordings of the people around Sander. 

At the police station, Stoever later talks with Valentin and first, Georg and says that he has one question for him : "Who knew you had gotten to know the artist [Ragna]?" asks Stoever.  "Mr. Frohwein ... at a concert." replies Georg.  Stoever and Brockmöller release Valentin and take Georg there and they both hug.  Georg says: "it wasn't me".  Stoever says he knows it wasn't.  Suddenly, Valentin says it wasn't me either.  Stoever also says that he knows it wasn't him, either.  Then they all leave the jail.  

Later, with Georg, Valentin and Brockmöller now are all at Frohwein's apartment.  Stoever must have looked at so many of the many, many videotapes that Frohwein made of Valentin, that one of them was during another fight between Valentin and Ragna.  Valentin held and put down a highly visible scalpel that could be used as a weapon from the camera's vantage point, taken by Frohwein.  Was this by peering into Valentin and Ragna's apartment without their knowing?  They sit down to watch the recording with Frohwein.  Stoever confronts Frohwein with his suspicion that he took advantage of Sander's last argument with the artist Ragna and' says 'that Frohwein killed her using the scalpel.

'Before Stoever is able to arrest Frohwein, however, he jumps to his death in an unobserved moment from his attic apartment.'

SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')
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