Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Winter Chess') Winterschach 212th episode 19x12 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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bruce bowser

Dec 11, 2021, 6:45:47 PM12/11/21
STORY LINE (in english):
A 'Latin American professor' named 'Luiz Santos, who lives in exile in Saarbrücken' in Germany, 'is physically and mentally' scarred 'by the torture inflicted on him by' a rightist 'military coup' from 'his homeland.  

At Saarbrücken University he teaches about literature in the shadow of the dictatorship in his home country.  Activists disrupt his class.  One of them is named Maria Casals (of a leftist political party possibly in Santos' country) who has turned to terrorism to accomplish her means.

Professor Santos is contacted by' someone from rightist forces his country named 'Gimenez, an intelligence officer of' the' then-military 'dictatorship.  At an abandoned tower, he announces 'that there will soon be free elections in their home country and that Santos should run as a candidate for his Socialist Party against the dictator. Santos refuses, as he does not believe in a really democratic election anyway, but Gimenez presses him with' a video tape showing that Santos' himself 'divulged secret information that he wasn't supposed to, and that Gimenez's side 'has the knowledge that Santos betrayed his party comrades under torture'.  Gimenez tells him that: "a hand full of" members from that miilitary dictatorship would make this public and ruin his reputation 'not only at home' but elsewhere 'if Santos didn't play along.  "You want to extort this from me", Santos asks sharply after refusing to run for the position.  'Santos then, reluctantly agrees to run.  

In a restaurant, Maria Casals finds Saarbrücken police high commissioner Max Palu and gives him a leaflet on her party's political views. 

Meanwhile, Santos is looking for his psychiatrist named Dr. von Heiden, with whom he is being treated for his trauma.  He tells him about the pressure that was' and is now 'on him' and that the' then-military 'dictatorship was playing a kind of chess game with him that he could hardly win.  

In the evening, while Santos is telling his' girlfriend 'Laura Meister about his plans, Dr. von Heiden is murdered by Gimenez and von Heiden's notes on' his patient 'Santos are stolen.

High commissioner Palu 'and his assistants are called to the scene the next morning.  Palu demands silence from everyone as the phone rings, there.  They find a message from Santos on' von Heiden's 'hidden answering machine, but' strangely 'no associated patient file' amongst the murdered man's' filings fits the name: 'Santos'.

Meanwhile, Laura suggests Santos cancel his lectures "until next semester" 'and she takes him on vacation to distract him from his' candidacy plans. 
Gimenez learns of the vacation plans through a bug on Santos' phone and' using a van with the words AQUARISTIK ZIERFISCH":  'Gimenez and a pal, no longer wearing a "Gold's Gym' tee shirt, but a suit, kidnaps Santos, beats him up and threatens that something could happen to his girlfriend Laura if he escapes. Gimenez also suggests that he murdered von Heiden, and that Santos has no choice but to run for office.  Then, they leave him in front of an abandoned building. 

Shortly afterwards, Palu visits Santos at home to ask him about von Heiden.'  Laura is there and Santos returns a few minutes later. 'Santos claims he sustained the injuries' on his face 'from falling.  He confirms to have been a patient of von Heiden's but he gives no further information.  

Palu' is able to later research that Santos was' an 'education minister of a democratically elected government until the military' took control by a rightist coup d'etat.  

In Saarbrücken a leftist 'exile group that frequents the same restaurant as Santos and his girlfriend Laura, hears of Santos' plans and Maria Casals and another member of a terrorist group sees Santos' return plans as treason, so Maria and another member of the leftist thugs 'want to kill Santos while he is still in Saarbrücken.  

Santos senses that because of his candidacy he has lost support in the exiled community. He wants to shoot himself after' walking under a bridge, but is suddenly 'disturbed by playing children. 

Meanwhile,  rightist thug Gimenez finishes talking on the phone to someone he calls: "Herr Botschafter", yet the last thing Gimenez says on the phone is "hasta luego."

'Shortly afterwards, two compatriots and leftist thugs from Maria's group' shoot Santos out 'in the open. Santos survived; seriously injured.
Despite police protection, Maria manages to get into Santos' room disguised as a sister.'  Maria 'then tries to kill him with an injection, but' she is 'killed by Gimenez's assistant. 

A beaten-up prostitute named Sylvie who, while reading a "Cosmopolitan" magazine, saw the assassins run away from Santos,' and she tells 'to Palu the next day that she knew the' shooters and where they are.  They talk after a bar fight involving her pimp.  Palu and his girlfriend take Sylvie home and talk.  Palu had a run in with them both at the film's start as the pimp was driving recklessly a white American-made sports car.  

Meanwhile the rightist thugs Gimenez and his assistant seek out and kill the other members of Maria's leftist thugs and Gimenez's assistant kills them, but is then in turn shot by Laura Meister, who escapes.

Palu arrives there where the leftist hideout is with other police and is able to shoot and arrest Gimenez. In Gimenez's car, the officers found the video cassette that documented the torture and the forced betrayal of Santos. 

Palu speaks to Santos in the hospital, who says he saw the extortion tapes and that his fellow nationals wanted to protect him from' becoming 'a puppet of the military coup.  

Shortly afterwards, Laura Meister calls the hospital room.  High commissioner Palu answers the phone.'   At first, 'believing that she was speaking to Santos, Laura told him that she was sorry for the murder and that she was outvoted by the others in the leftist squad to kill him.  

Palu realizes that Laura has betrayed Santos' plans to the comrades and participated in the murder plot.  Laura then notices that its Palu and not Santos. She hangs up and Palu orders a manhunt' for Laura. 'Despite the manhunt, Laura manages to leave for Moscow.

Santos succumbs to his injuries in the hospital. 

Shortly afterwards, the' radio announces that the 'general of the military coup in that country had declared that the “free” presidential elections would now take place with the coup's general himself as the only candidate.

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      (see: 'Main article: List of crime scene episodes')
Book by Manfred Jacobs
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