Tatort ('Crime Scene' Katja's Silence') Katjas Schweigen 225th episode 20x12 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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STORY LINE (in english):  
While off of the job, Duisburg police high commissioner Horst 'Schimanski and his friend,' a 'probation officer' named Jannek, coach 'juvenile delinquents' playing 'on an American-style football team'.  (The American Football organization known as the NFL Europe League including Germany was also founded then, in 1989).  

Later, Schimanski invites one of the football players to a restaurant with police high commissioners Christian Thanner, Dutch police commissioner Hänschen and their boss police board member Ossman eat at a restaurant.  The kid runs off after being offended.

One evening a supermarket was attacked by teenagers and a policeman' was shot by one of them 'dead.  Later, examination of the bullet reveals that the weapon is a fresh factory-made Spanish Astra 900 that' had 'already been used in a fight in a fitness club .

The next day,  Thanner is looking for two people: one named Markus and the other: Oliver.  He arrests two of Schimanski's boys' on the football field because they were already involved in an ongoing series of robberies that is being processed by the robbery' division, possibly 'in order to establish a connection between the weapon and the current and the previous case.'  Schimanski learns that someone on a motorcycle could also be a suspect.
Schimanski questions the fitness club owner Billy, who a year earlier had suffered a gunshot wound' fired 'from' someone named Zander with the same weapon.  

Suddenly, another youth in his troop named Tommy Schaaf, is also targeted by the investigators and disappears.  When Tommy's sister Katja is asked about Zander, nothing comes of it, except for a warning from her over the phone, where she tells someone' else 'that Schimanski and another policeman are asking about Zander".  Her phone records could be checked.  Schimanski argues with Katja and Ossman, and even fights with the other football players and even with Thanner.  Almost all argue with themselves and suspects over who fired the shot and who was where.
After Schimanski managed to coax the real name Zander, actually called Pike out of Billy, he and Thanner are called to a back yard where Tommy is said to have been seen.  

Then in a garage and caught by flashlight, the boy holds up his hands surrendering, but Thanner fires a warning shot' upwards 'in the air, but Tommy is shot in the neck by a stranger.  Schimanski' doesn't know that there is another shooter and so 'is beside himself and accuses his co-worker of having killed the boy Tommy, whereas Thanner' tries to say that' he only 'shot up into the air".  

Despite his assurances that he did not aim at Tommy, Thanner is suspended.  He is now trying on his own to prove his innocence.
Schimanski goes tells Katja that her brother Tommy is dead.

Schimanski and Hänschen seek and track down Zander' amidst a gang 'in the bowling alley and Schimanski confronts him.'  They attack Schimanski and Zander tries to run.  He escapes but is caught by Hänschen and an Astra 900 is discovered in his motorcycle.'  But Zander is let go, saying "Adios muchachos" to them as he walks away from the police station. The police now think that Tommy killed the policeman and the story robbery.

While Schimanski' has 'a beer with Thanner and Hänschen, it turns out that Katja's' background 'had also been checked.  She already had a criminal record and' it was' also 'found that she had 'worked for Billy.  The men conclude that the incident between Billy and Zander was about Katja.

High commissioner Thanner zeroes in on the place he thinks someone else shot Tommy from and shows police high commissioner Schimanski.

Through phone records and operations, Schimanski lures Zander out of his hiding place, and a search reveals more Astra pistols.  The police are certain that the key to solving the case lies with Katja. Schimanski believes it was Jannek who revealed Tommy's whereabouts to the police.  With a secret message, the inspector manages to get Katja to rethink.  That same evening Katja made a scene to her parents that they were' 'naive as to trust Jannek. 

Schimanski learns from the young woman that her father once went to jail for Jannek and a little later Katja's mother tells' her 'that her husband went out to the river "to kill himself." Schimanski and Katja rush to the river,' but Katja is too late to save her 'father. 

Shortly afterwards, Jannek' starts shooting at Schimanski and Katja from his Mercedes.  Schimanski fires back, but is not sure' if he hit the shooter or not.  To be on the safe side, Schimanski goes back and shoots a bullet in Jannek's car while Jannek's away at a party. Later, Schimanski and confronts Jannek with it on the' football 'field the next day with everybody else there. 

Jannek still refuses to admit defeat - that he was the shooter trying to kill Katja's and possibly Schimanski, too and Jannek's connection to the now dead Tommy who shot the policeman and tries to dismiss Schimanski's accusation as crazy. 

But, then Katja gets the last Astra 900 out of its hiding place, so that Schimanski is now' able to show 'Jannek' the bullet hole he wants him to think is 'on his car' and from the gun linked to Jannek who they think is connected to Tommy's murder.
SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')   

Book by Uwe Erichsen
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